In His Sights (Second Sight) by K.C. Wells

"An Entertaining Suspense Novel with Minimal Romance! The author did a great job writing this story! I was engaged from start to finish!" - Alyssa P. on In His Sights.

From the blurb:

Random letters belong on Scrabble tiles, not dead bodies. But when a demented serial killer targets
Boston’s gay population, leaving cryptic messages carved into his victims, lead detective Gary Mitchell has no choice but to play along.

As the body count rises, Gary gets desperate enough to push aside his skepticism and accept the help of a psychic. Dan Porter says he can offer new clues, and Gary needs all the insight into the killer’s mind he can get.

Dan has lived with his gift–sometimes his curse–his entire life. He feels compelled to help, but only if he can keep his involvement secret. Experience has taught him to be cautious of the police and the press, but his growing connection to Gary distracts him from the real danger. As they edge closer to solving the puzzle, Dan finds himself in the killer’s sights….

Alyssa P's Review:

In His Sights was fascinating!

There was a murderer, and details about the horror committed is described explicitly, but it didn’t bother me too much; I think it added suspense to the story.

There was more suspense in this story than romance, but I didn’t mind. K.C. Wells wrote this book astoundingly well! I was intrigued from the first chapter. The romance and connection between the main characters is definitely a slow burn, but I think if it was too fast it might’ve taken away from the plot. The romance will most likely increase in the next book. I really enjoyed this book.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

In His Sights is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.