Hey, Stepbro: A Bi-Awakening MM Stepbrother Romance by Jeka Jake

Hey, Stepbro is from an established author trying their hand at something new under the name Jeka Jake.

From the blurb:

My new stepbrother is the bane of my existence.

Brock is a total jock. Ripped muscles, chiseled jaw, six pack abs. A self-absorbed himbo. He’s also the starting quarterback for our small town’s college football team, the Riverside Rawdogs.

Too bad the guy barely looks up from his phone the first time I meet him—A hole alert. And when he does, he’s totally judging me.

I absolutely don’t need this dude-straction in my life.

Between courses and my volunteer work at the Rainbow Paws animal shelter, I’m swamped this semester. And all those romance novels on my Kindle won’t read themselves.

When Brock confesses he’s not as straight as he thought, I don’t know how to react. My gaydar is pretty stellar, but I never bet that this vapid himbo would play for my team.

A heartfelt confession leads to lips crashing together. At one point, I even get stuck in a dryer and Brock "saves" me.

I want my stepbrother to be more. But will I wind up being his bro-xperiment?

Hey, Stepbro is a standalone MM stepbrother college romance packed with fun banter, swoon, heart, rescue puppies, a smoking hawt quarterback who's actually a sweetheart, a Book Tok-loving bookworm who can't believe his dream man is living with him, and two dudes who think the other hates them except they're both totally smitten with each other from the first sight.

Jacquie's Review:

I don't feel like the blurb matches the book. Instead of a slightly angsty story with 2 young men at odds with each other, we get a fluff filled, often OTT steam fest, which entertained me no end.

Brock and Blakely sort their issues pretty quickly, and omg, this is raunchy! There's spanking, public sexy times, outdoor stuff... these boys are at it constantly!

They were so cute together. There's no toxic masculinity here. They communicate! Discuss feelings and actually show the other love and affection freely. Brock especially, when he decides he wants Blakely, he's all in. He comes out to his team, friends and Dad without angst and build up.

Hey, Stepbro has a bunch of supporting characters and the storyline for a sequel is set up with Waxley as the MC. Should be fun, he's hilarious.

Rating: 4 Stars

Hey, Stepbro is available to buy as an ebook