Food Truck Warriors Box Set Part One, Food Truck Warriors #1-3, by Beth Bolden

This box set, Food Truck Warriors Box Set Part One, is packed full of silly characters, plenty of shenanigans, funny puns, and food that'll make you want to find a food truck ASAP!

From the blurb:

Welcome to the Food Truck Warriors, a Los Angeles-based, queer-friendly food truck lot. You’ll experience delicious food, even more delectable men, and the most mouthwatering spice of all, unexpected and undeniable romance.

Drive Me Crazy: the toughest part of Lucas’ new job isn’t the long, hot hours he’s working to make fish tacos in such a tiny space, it’s his new boss. Who just happens to be totally irresistible.

Kiss & Tell: Jackson, bar owner and professed workaholic, is ready to let loose this New Year’s Eve, and the only person he wants kiss at midnight is Greek food truck owner Alexis. But what happens when he discovers he wants more than just a single, soul-scorching kiss?

Hit the Brakes: Tate’s tried for years to get over his high school crush on football player Chase, but he’s struck out every single time. But when Chase shows up at his food truck, ready to help save it from closure, and offers to be his fake boyfriend in the bargain, how can Tate say no?

On a Roll: What happens when two food truck owners name their truck the exact same thing? Sparks fly when Gabe and Sean meet but grow hotter still when they try to convince each other to back down and change their name. Maybe there’s a way they can both win this game.

Angel's Review:

Drive Me Crazy: 4.5

The first book in this box set is Driving Me Crazy, which is about Tony who co-owns a food truck with his brother, and Lucas, who's trying to get his healthy energy bars mass produced. When these two first met it wasn't a great introduction, Tony believed his brother had set him up with Lucas to date him.. not to hire him to work on the food truck. Even though their first meeting didn't go as well as they intended these two slowly but surely got to know one another, and from their something neither of them was prepared for started to sizzle. 

I love books that have cooking/baking as a main factor in the story, so.. a box set full of food? Sign me up! I've read Beth's other series before and I know she's talented, she writes very well and I have been a big fan of her writing style. And this was no different. The level of detail when it comes to how the food truck operates, to them cooking, them figuring out recipes, the characters interacting with each other had just such a high level of detail. Everything was really fleshed out and the pace of the story was fantastic! I really liked the start of this series and I'm excited about what's, or rather who's, to come! Jeremy is so.. despicable, the fact that he took advantage of Tony's kindness and generosity was so rude! Overall this book was a good start to this food truck series. 

Kiss & Tell: 5/5
Kiss and Tell is the second book we come across is this good filled box set! This short and sweet book is about Jackson, who owns a bar with his brother, and Alexis who owns a Greek food truck. These two  didn't meet each other officially until New Years Eve, but they felt something for each other the moment they locked eyes. And when Alexis first fed Jackson. I loved this story, it is on the shorter side but it really doesn't feel like it. Nothing is lacking or missing. I loved the relationship that Alexis and Jackson have and that was built throughout the story. These two characters are so cute and work so well together. Both men are workaholics but together they are able to figure out how to balance out each other. This story also really made me want to try authentic Greek food! 
Onto the next book!

Hit The Brakes: 4.5

This book is about Chase Riley a football player, and Tate who owns his own food truck. These two first met each other in their high school's Home Economics class. That class is where these two first started to feel things for each other, but neither of them ever acted on how they felt. They were too worried that their feelings wouldn't be reciprocated. Flash forward 10 years and Chase is a famous football player, and Tate owns his own grilled cheese food truck. 

These stories just keep getting better and better. Beth knows how to write sports, she has a bunch of books that has sports being the main feature. So, this book was bound to be terrific considering she always writes really good sports romance books. Now, I personally don't follow along with sports, but the way Beth writes what's happening, even I can understand what's going on even though I don't know much about sports. Along with getting sport related information we also got bonding moments of these two in Tate's truck! After all, Tate's grilled cheese is Chase's favorite. 

The story between these two was so cute and sweet. These two were both so hesitant to admit how they felt about each other that they kept dancing around how they felt. It was cute to see their relationship develop and grow into something beautiful. They had  struggles getting there, but they got there in the end. 

I adored how mental health played such an important part in this story, it was a vocal point of the story. It's okay to need help and to ask for help, needing help isn't a bad thing. And I love and appreciate that Beth wrote about such a serious topic.  

I'm onto the next book! 

On A Roll: rating; 5/5

This story was hilarious! We got glimpses of Gabriel and Sean here and there in the other stories, and those glimpses made me very curious what was going on between these two. 

What made Gabriel throw a meatball at Sean? Well, I found out what made him do that, and I have to say.. this book is going to make you laugh out loud. I was smiling almost the whole time I was reading this. 

Gabriel and Sean's relationship definitely started out as enemies... That slowly morphed into enemies with benefits.. that then turned into friends with benefits.. that then developed into them having feelings for each other. 

I love, love, loved the buildup between these two men! The enemies to lovers aspect was written so well, and wasn't rushed or glossed over. I loved that! I also really liked how Beth incorporated another serious topic in this story, that topic being grief. Which everyone goes through at some point in their lives, and I really liked how Beth wrote about it in this story. Everyone grieves differently, and everyone's deals with;and moves on from it differently too. 

I appreciated that Beth didn't just gloss over that aspect of Sean's character, Sean did freak out when he realized he might have feelings for Gabriel. But that was okay, cause that was how he was feeling, and he didn't know how to cope with liking someone after his husband passed. It was a really poignant and beautiful part of the story. 

Aside from the heavy topic, this book was pretty lighthearted overall. It had plenty of shenanigans and bickering, new recipes, and new characters.

I also love the new names for both of these food trucks, they are very fitting. 

Overall this box set was packed full of terrific stories with fantastic characters, I'm excited to read more! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Food Truck Warriors Box Set Part One is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.