Dead Serious Case #3: Mr Bruce Reyes (Crawshanks Guide to the Recently Departed #3) by Vawn Cassidy

Dead Serious Case #3 Mr Bruce Reyes is the third book in the series, NOT a standalone as it's a continuing story from the first two books. Paranormal romance.

From the blurb:

Tristan Everett was finally getting used to the strangeness that was his life. Being able to see the dead and helping them solve their unfinished business and cross into the light wasn’t so bad after all,
especially when he was accompanied by his best friend, dead drag queen Dusty Le Frey. His boyfriend, sexy Scotland Yard detective Danny Hayes, now knew the truth about Tristan’s “gift,” and they were about to move in together officially.

Life was good.

That is until Death—honest to god, Death (aka The Grim Reaper)—pitches up in Tristan’s kitchen with an unusual request: stop Dusty’s ghostly hookup Bruce from crossing into the light, which may result in dire consequences. i.e. an accidental apocalypse.

Determined to do the exact opposite, and avoid potentially the end of the world, Tristan and Danny assemble their own ragtag gang of one prickly witch, one snarky psychic private investigator, one living drag queen with an affinity for feathers, and one dead one with an affinity for a deceased rugby player in tiny shorts. Together they must solve a forty-year old cold case, while juggling a dose of the flu, a broken leg, a supernatural storm, and an immortal death deity with the looks and temperament of a sexy but grouchy CEO.

Seriously… what could possibly go wrong?

From Author Vawn Cassidy comes the next instalment of this hilarious and sweet paranormal romance mystery series

Sheena's Review:

Dead Serious Case #3 Mr Bruce Reyes is the third in the Crawshanks Guide series, it really has to be read as part of the series as a lot of the story directly follows on from the first two books. Not going to lie, Bruce's story was the one I really wanted after meeting him in the first book, and finding out more about him in his short story too. I was hoping for, and expecting, more shenanigans from Dusty, Tristan and co. and this didn't disappoint. It's full of the usual snark and sass I've come to expect from this crew, and now that Danny knows about Tristan seeing ghosts, it added a whole new layer. I'm loving the addition of the new characters in Harrison and Sam too, I am sure we will see more of them in coming stories. Harrison in particular I'm sure is more closely connected to the bookshop than we know now.

Amongst all the sass and hilarity though, there's a lot of heart in this book. Tristan breaks my heart on more than one occasion when Danny gets hurt, and I would fight for these two because honestly, they're just the BEST together. There's also the main point of the story which is solving the mystery of Bruce's death, and that's of course tied up in much bigger events but it all comes to a nice, satisfying end with nothing loose (other than threads deliberately woven in which we'll come to later, I'm sure). However, it's Death that almost steals the book, he certainly steals every scene he's in (and a few he's actually not). He's a major character and a welcome addition to the story.

I adored this book, as I have the whole series and can't wait for more. There's a lovely Molly Boys Easter Egg in there too.

Rating: 5 Stars

Alyssa P's Review:

I loved this book! I love how the author made the story engaging with the mystery surrounding the cliffhanger in the last book being further explained and then solved toward the end of the book. I felt the character's emotions, and I found the connection between Danny and Tristan to be endearing. I felt so bad for them when they kept getting constantly interrupted when they wanted to be intimate. I also felt Tristan’s frustration surrounding the mystery of Bruce and the warning death gave him. I wanted the mystery to be solved just as badly as he and Danny did. 

I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Vawn Cassidy is quickly becoming one of my favorite MM authors!

Rating: 5 Stars

Dead Serious Case #3 Mr Bruce Reyes is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.