At First Irritation (The Unwilling Adventures of Harlow & Foxx Book 1) by Shelby Rhodes

"A hilarious and blood filled book!" Angel shares their thoughts on the series opener, At First Irritation.

From the blurb:

Welcome, welcome. I can only guess you are here to read about my wonderful adventures? Oh, you don’t know who I am? Well, I’m Foxx Honeywell. An adorable, fierce vampire with a kink for violence. Any who, this marks the beginning of my story. A story of violence, blood, possibly pain, and love. Though, the love part is not so apparent at first.

So how does this story start, you may ask? Well, it starts with a simple—okay, maybe not so simple—law change, and a new job. I, Foxx, join the notorious Hunters Guild. An organization that used to murder my kind indiscriminately. But that was in the past. We've moved on and forward to better things, as paranormals are legal now! Yay, legal…

However, joining this government agency of questionable morals was just the catalyst of it all. Sure, the job is fun; lots of killing, maiming, blood, and even some explosions. But what is an adventure if you are all on your own? Boring, that’s what. No, the true satisfaction and fun comes not just from the job but from my partner on the job, Harlow Blackmore. The man is a sexy, silver fox of a human, who may or may not be a psychopath. He also possibly finds me irritating as hell. As any rational adult would, I choose to ignore those last parts and focus on the sexy! It will surely all work out in the end!

CONTENT WARNING: This is a slow burn M/M paranormal romance series with heat. There will be blood and violence. Please see inside for the full Content Warning!

Angel's Review:

Shelby is a new-to-me author, I've had my eye on their books for quite some time but I haven't been able to purchase them yet. So when the opportunity came around to read At First Irritation, I signed up right away. I'm really glad I did! I was a little apprehensive at first cause the way the description was written it didn't really give too much away. So, I wasn't really sure what to expect. But I actually think that benefited the story.

Foxx is a vampire who is much older than people realize, after a new law gets passed he starts working as a hunter, the only catch is he has to have a partner.. and that partner turns out to be the grumpiest 'old man' alive. 

Harlow is a human who's been a hunter for decades, before paranormals were announced to the public, and he's still a hunter now even after that declaration. Except now, due to a new law, he has to work with a partner. A highly talkative, too colorful, peppy, exuberant vampire, who Harlow is convinced is part cat. 

I really, really enjoyed this story. Shelby's writing style is so unique and so different from anything else I've read before. Yeah, there was romance and tension, but there was also a fantastic build up of the plot, fantastic detail and well fleshed out scenes of all the cases these two had to not only investigate but to take care of, and there was a humorous undertone to the whole story. Which was very amusing! Foxx trying to get Harlow to stop being a grump was adorable, and when Harlow made Foxx really mad? Oh boy, Harlow better watch out! I usually have a difficult time with HFN's just because sometimes they aren't written that well, or they are really well written and I'm just impatient while waiting for the next book to release. This book falls into the ladder of those to options, I really enjoyed this book and I'm really looking forward to what Harlow and Foxx get up to next! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

At First Irritation is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, hardback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.