A Beginner’s Guide to Mistakenly Summoned Demons and Other Misadventures (Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures #2) by Shannon Mae

A Beginner’s Guide to Mistakenly Summoned Demons and Other Misadventures is another fun story featuring a flirty demon of lust and the mortal who learns just what it means to lust for one. 

From the blurb:


Mistakenly summoning a lust demon was not on Gabe’s to-do list, but with a meddling grandmother, he’s gotten used to the unexpected. The real trouble begins when Gabe realizes exactly who he’s
summoned. What’s a guy supposed to do when an Infernal King of Hell has decided he’s staying and wants to follow Gabe around like a stray puppy? Add having a job as a teacher, living in a family of meddlers, and dealing with a bureaucratic underworld, and Gabe is about ready to lose his patience. When the Prince of Lust decides he’s going to help Gabe figure out his sexuality, though, things really start to get interesting. Maybe mistakenly summoning a demon wasn’t the worst thing to happen after all.


Asmodeus has dealt with humans and their lust since they were first created, and he has never met someone immune to his powers. So when he’s forcibly summoned (which should be impossible), and he realizes he has no power whatsoever over the human (which hasn’t happened before), he’s more than a little intrigued. No way is he going back to hell when he’s found such a mystery. When he realizes that Gabe is confused about his own sexuality, Az happily decides to help him figure it out. Who better than a lust demon for the job, after all? If Az happens to get slightly obsessed with his human in the process, who’s going to tell him he can’t keep the guy? Now Az just needs to convince Gabe that keeping a lust demon around forever is the perfect plan.

Tags: A lust demon meets his match in a human who experiences limited sexual attraction; Grams cannot be trusted when she’s in the kitchen; siblings are annoying; Az doesn’t understand why Gabe thinks a demon shouldn’t pretend to be a high school teacher; sexuality is not always clear cut; Az likes to watch, and maybe Gabe does too; exploring what checks your boxes can be tons of fun with the right person (or demon).

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Az and Gabe were just freaking adorable. It was crazy seeing Az go from his Lust Demon ways to super smoopy for Gabe. His declarations were just so swoony. It's no wonder Gabe fell head over heels for him.

Aside from the romance, we are given a bit of a glimpse into a continuing plot line that I, for one, am super curious about. I also want more Yah and Luce so bad, though I'm guessing those two will be saved for last.

As for the sneak peek of book 3? Oh boy, this pairing is gonna be wild. I'm already dying to know how the author is going to make these two work. Then again, opposites attract is a saying for a reason!

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Lori C's Review:

Gabe did not summon Az on his own. He followed his Gram’s instructions and there popped Az in the circle. Gabe knew the stock pot meant something was going to happen, but did Gram really summon him a lust demon? {Insert face palm here!} Az is no ordinary demon though. He is an Infernal King of Hell and he can’t be summoned or held in a circle or can he? Gabe is different and he doesn’t fall under Az’s spell immediately. Az is determined to figure out what makes Gabe tick, sexually that is, and he won’t stop until he knows the answer. 

This book! I thought Adam and Minos in A Beginner’s Guide to Death, Demons, and Other Afterlife Disasters were fun and cute together. Az and Gabe are sweet, sexy, and spellbinding!! Shannon Mae kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what might happen next. Her small clues that Az would pick up on and then let float away kept me enthralled.  The romance, as in Minos and Adam’s story, is off the charts. The peeks at Luce and Yah fascinating. I want….more of this series. It hits all my buttons. Love, adorable MC’s, suspense, happily ever after: check, check, check, check! If you haven’t read A Beginner’s Guide to Death, Demons, and Other Afterlife Disasters, read it now and get ready for A Beginner’s Guide to Mistakenly Summoned Demons and Other Misadventures to knock your socks off on July 15th!! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Miki J's Review:

Oh what fun this book is!!! Just brilliant, absolutely hilariously romantically brilliant!! Very well written story with great background/plot with plenty of twists, memorable characters – love Granny!!! – family and found family. And this demon has some talents… some very flexible talents… nudge nudge wink wink… Gabe is very lucky… hehehehehe.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book sooo very much – I was cackling with laughter from first chapter and just enjoyed the ride... yes it's funny but it's also romantic, spicy and I would rate this as one of my favorite series.

Rating: 5 Stars

A Beginner’s Guide to Mistakenly Summoned Demons and Other Misadventures is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.