Weaker Than Instinct, Fangs & Felons #2 by Becca Seymour

Urban fantasy series, Fangs & Felons, returns with Weaker Than Instinct

From the blurb:

Having a partner is bad news. I’ve been doing everything I can to go it alone. But this time I’ve pushed my unit too far.

I’m being punished. Not quite a fate worse than death, but almost as bad.

I’ve been tasked with a mission at the SICB Academy to help train wannabe agents while working undercover to figure out why recruits have been going missing.

I’m not looking to inspire. How can I when I’ve become a lone wolf?

But that doesn’t stop the Powers that Be from demanding I work with a rookie.

Just two months out from graduating, and my new partner is apparently a hot-shot agent in training.

Amber-eyed, bold, and with a scent that calls to me, Jett Shaw is a panther who is close to getting under my skin. We’ve no choice but to work together and have each other’s six, but how can I trust anyone when I can’t trust myself?

With a new threat appearing and Shaw being in the line of fire, I have to change tack. If not, taking down the shadow agency that refuses to stay buried may become my last mission for the SICB. And not just mine; the whole unit could go down with me.

Weaker Than Instinct is the second book in a gay urban fantasy romance series. Between the pages you’ll find high-octane action, snarky vampires and shifters, and scorching-hot scenes to make you swoon.

Janet's Review:

Weaker Than Instinct is the second in the Fangs & Felons series. This follows Thicker than Water, you don’t have to read that first but all the characters are back and badder than before. The world building is set up in that one. But this does read fantastic as a standalone. 

Michaels is a train-wreck waiting to happen when he is sent in for some undercover work. Jett is the best of the best and is tasked with being Michaels partner. 

This story was a seriously addicting read, it hooked me from the beginning. A fantastic mystery with a baddie I didn’t see coming. 

Action packed with the perfect amount of steam and sarcastic, snarky characters! Well written with pacing that kept me flipping the pages. I didn’t want it to end.   

Rating: 5 Stars

Weaker Than Instinct is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.