Tricked at Sea: An MM friends to Lovers Romance by Duckie Mack

Figuring out your in love with your best friend on a cruise ship? Angel shares their review of Tricked at Sea.

From the blurb:

Liam has always had a vision for what his life would be. A dream job as the town veterinarian- check. A long-term boyfriend- check. A bucket list cruise planned- check. But a bad breakup leaves him reeling.

Trick is Liam’s opposite in every way. He’s a free spirit, he doesn’t do relationships, and is not a fan of animals. But he and Liam have been inseparable since high school.

When Liam decides he’s not going to let his heartbreak ruin his dream trip, he invites his best friend along for the ride. Trick agrees with one goal in mind- to get Liam laid and over his ex.

As rebound attempts fail, maybe it’s not a random hook-up that Liam needs. What if it’s the person who’s been by his side the entire time?

Tricked at Sea is a single POV, stand-alone novella which features a best friends to lovers, only one bed story with sexy dancing, a cozy jacuzzi, and sloth hugs.

Angel's Review:

Liam's having a tough time after finding out his boyfriend of five years has been cheating on him. To top it off Liam had booked his dream cruise for their anniversary, and while he still wants to go.. he doesn't want to be by himself. So, he asks his best friend Trick to accompany him.

Trick and Liam has been best friends for years, and Trick has always felt something more than friendship for Liam, but he's never said anything nor acted on those feelings. Until they are both spending a whole lot of time together one on one while they are traveling on the cruise ship. 

Who would've thought sloth hugs and a cruise  would bring these two men together? This story was a very cute and quick novella. I enjoyed reading this expanded version of the story. This novella was originally featured in the Cruising anthology, which I also read and had enjoyed. I love the nod to Duckie's other characters (The Crow Nest) it's a nice nod to her other series. 

You should definitely get yourself a copy, although... It'll make you want to be hugged by a sloth.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Tricked at Sea is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.