The Sinner's Penance, Pursuit of Love #3 by K.C. Carmine

"I love this series! The stories keep getting hotter." Nicole on The Sinner's Penance.

From the blurb:

Even disguised as a priest, Mat can’t resist a man kneeling at his feet, begging to be punished.

Being a bodyguard for London’s Polish Mafia had its benefits. Fast money, fast cars, and an endless
stream of hot men fuelled Mateusz’s insatiable lust for life.
But when he takes out the son of a rival Mafia boss, he is forced to flee to a remote island in the West of England.
Posing as a priest, Mateusz hopes he found the perfect disguise. Until a handsome stranger shows up to confession, begging for punishment. Can Mateusz rein in his ferocious carnal desires? Or will his cover be blown to smithereens?
As a newcomer to the island, Peyton’s social life is limited to a dram at the local pub. Everything changes when he attends a mass on a Sunday and his gaze lands on the man he can’t have. The one in a cassock.

A standalone MM book 3 from Pursuit of Love series.

Tropes/Themes: mafia, insta-lu$t, roleplaying, priest k!nk, wax play, flagellat!on, D/S, hurt/comfort, morally grey characters, bla$phemous use of religious artifacts, MM, HEA.

Nicole's Review:

Hot Hot Hot!!! Be very aware of the trigger warnings. If you are religious, this book is definitely not for you! 

Mat has been raised to protect his cousin, the heir to the Polish mafia. When completing is job puts him in danger he must hide, and the mafia's willingness to help the church has given ties to let him hide undercover as a priest. Mat is grappling with internal demons, as well as dealing with his exile and missing his party-boy lifestyle. Peyton has his own secrets, and the biggest one he drops in confession is his desire to kneel for the new priest. 

They develop an intensely hot connection, and I blazed through this story. I really like how KC has brought together the characters from the first 2 books in this series. 

It's definitely a standalone but we get a really nice peek on the growth of Ernesto and Brian and Hugh and Brendan. 

The ending for Mat and Peyton's story was unexpectedly sweet, but fit these two perfectly.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

Yes there are triggers so please read the author’s advice and if these bother you find another book.  

The Sinner's Penance is high intensity. Right from the beginning something kept me on the edge of my seat page turning. Mat is a mafia family member and also bff and bodyguard to Jack the mafia heir. They have grown up together and brothers could not be closer so when an attempt is made on Jack’s life Mat steps in. Now he has to look over his shoulder so he goes to a island and poses as a priest.  

The author did a great job of making this fake priest possible. Gave him everything he needed to succeed. The only problem is he gets attracted to a guy attending mass and then confession.  

Both of these guys are so attractive and likable. The path they take and the events along the way were heart stopping.  My only problem with the story is it ended.  

I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read what’s next.

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Pursuit of Love) but can be read as a standalone. BDSM. Instalove. Dual POV. 

Mafia bodyguard Mat has been sent into hiding and he has to take his role as a small town priest seriously to stay safe. He certainly doesn’t expect to be tempted by Peyton, who submits himself to Mat like a dream and enjoys Mat role playing as a priest a little too much. Mat and Peyton feel an instant connection but are both playboys far from home, so making anything work between them is unlikely. 

Eventually, Mat and Peyton decide to work towards an exclusive relationship as they start to connect on an emotional level beyond their steamy interactions. 

There are a couple of cameos from characters of the other books in the series, a little action, and some supportive older family members and new friends. 

This story had a few unexpected twists, and every time Mat and Peyton were together it was effortless as if they were really meant to be together.

Rating: 4 Stars

The Sinner's Penance is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.