Synthetic Code for Sincerity, Synthetic Code #1 by Naya Zayn

Synthetic Code for Sincerity is a thought provoking story of what could happen in the future.  In a world where machine becomes close to human. Feelings are brought into play. Fear is a big factor or the overall story.  

From the blurb:


Alpha, Vincent Zakari is as roguishly handsome as he is cunning.

Made to feel, yet with callous disregard for most people, he hides his synth identity beneath a charming smile.

To foil a major political threat, he worms into the life of an orphaned billionaire, but soon finds himself at the mercy of his own emotions.

Plagued by horrors from a tragic past, Yugo Jordan has shields for days, and never leaves his New York estate.

When another disaster forces him outside, he meets the insanely attractive Vincent, and is quickly undone by dark eyes and honey-slick words.

To Vincent, Yugo's a fatal error in the making.

And to Yugo, Vincent is weakness personified, steadily breaking down those walls.

Both are helpless against the pull between them, even while confronted by stubborn inner demons and looming external threats.

As they navigate this heated, uncharted territory, they must also unravel the lies and secrets surrounding them…

or cave beneath all-too-human flaws.

Synthetic Code for Sincerity is an addictive blend of light scifi and heavy MM romance — deeply sensual, evocative, and marked by thrilling moments sure to stay with you long after turning that last page.

It's the first in a series where each installment has a different couple, but follows an overarching plotline.

Readers can expect a host of morally grey characters, a smug bastard MC who's brought down to his knees, another MC who's shoved out of his comfort zone, first times, and a happy-for-now ending.

**Warning: This book has content which may not be suitable for all audiences. Check the author's website for more information. Reader discretion is thoroughly advised.

Reedkaye's Review:

I usually don’t read sci fi type stories but something drew me to this. Maybe it was and is the believing what I would read is closer to possibility than make believe. I’ve read other books that made me stop and really pay attention since some of these possibilities are scary.

The author created a world where synths are getting really close to human. The problem is they are still viewed as things so have no rights. This is a story about the possibility of the bad guy sitting pretty well with the possibility of becoming President. 

Vincent is a synth trying to make sure this doesn’t happen. Vincent’s background is a story by itself and his having feelings comes out on more than one occasion. Vincent needs the help of Yugo. Yugo is pretty much a hermit since being convicted of killing his parents. His involvement with Vincent and his family brings a lot of issues to light.  

There are a number of twists to this story and the man vs machine becomes blurred at times. The author did a good job of giving personality to the characters that fit so well into this world. 

This is another of those stories that will stay with me because when I get into discussions with others, possibilities from this story will be remembered.

Rating: 4 Stars

Synthetic Code for Sincerity is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.