Scion of the Morningstar: Why Choose Dystopian Romance MMM+ (Rise of the Fallen Book 2) by Lissa Kasey

"I love the way this world has been created and continues to wow me." Angel in Scion of the Morningstar.

From the Blurb:

Theo chose to fall for Yuri.

Seeking refuge from the shadows of the Fracture in the King's moving castle, Theo kept himself away from the world and all its darkness. But everything changed when Yuri arrived and brought warmth to Theo's heart. When Yuri's life is threatened and the only option is for Theo to become a scion to the Morningstar or lose Yuri forever, Theo chooses love over duty.

As Yuri’s power grows, Fae forests awaken and magic runs wild. Yuri's Incubi lover, Lucian, finds himself in a curious world of cotton candy trees and fluffy murder balls, while Yuri and Theo search for whispers of the Fallen, and a way to free the Morningstar.

Enemies rise as Yuri’s existence is discovered, the legends spawn fear of total destruction. Can an angel in the middle of his fall, a broken ice prince, and a demon bound in the darkness find a way to save Yuri from the blade set to fall?

Angel's Review:

When Lissa started doing this book in a series I read each serial. Then Lissa combined all of them into one book. And now we get the second book! I finally got to know more about Lucian, Theo, Star, and Yuri. I have to admit the constant POV changes confused me at the beginning, but once I got further along in the story I grew accustomed to it, and started to really enjoy it!

I had thought that the world building Lissa did in the first book was incredibly unique and really well written, a part of me wondered if it could really go up from there. I'm here to tell you it definitely did! We got to take a journey with these characters through many different places/fractures, and learn about new plants, new animals, new abilities that the characters develop, along with a murder fluffy! Which honestly... Is a very adorable companion. I really enjoyed reading Lucian's thoughts on his new best friend, it really brought humor to this book filled with mysteries!

We got to see Theo transform/fall, and partially turn into a mortal. We got to 'watch' Yuri teach Theo all of the things Theo's afraid of when it comes to having a human body. Those scenes were so endearing, and I really liked how Yuri made sure to consider Theo's thoughts and feelings the whole time. Yuri stood up for him.

We learned more about the mysterious Star in this book! We got more information, yet Lissa still is making us wonder about him.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

I'm going to need book 3 now.

Scion of the Morningstar leaves things on a bit of a cliffhanger, with most of the cast in dire straits and I can't wait to see how things work out.

I was obsessed with this book while I was reading it. Scion was one of those where you tell yourself "just one more chapter," then end up reading three! I guess it helped that a lot of the chapters were shorter, helping with the pacing of the book and switching POV most of the time. It made quite a long book feel a lot shorter.

In this we get not only Yuri's pov, but Theo's, Lucian's and even Radu's. There are answers - quite a few of them, and some fun creatures, Barney being one of them. Where can I get a m*rder fluffy?

Lower on steam than the first book because the characters are all scattered for some of the book, but Star is coming around to the idea of sharing Yuri so I can see more steam in the next one. I actually preferred the lower steam because of all the plot going on.

Looking forward to more in this series.

Rating: 5 Stars

Scion of the Morningstar is available to buy as an ebook and paperback editions with this cover. There is a special edition cover available in paperback and hardback options.