Reflected (Vampire Tales 3) by Alexa Piper

Reflected is the final book in the Vampire Tales trilogy by Alexa Piper and leaves the door open for more of this pairing.

From the blurb:

Ethan, Auris, and the shapeshifters arrive in London to follow the trail they first picked up at the bone church near Prague. While Ethan knows he loves Auris, the vampire’s past is not something Ethan can easily ignore, especially while they are away from home and close to danger.

Their search for love leads Ethan and Auris to each other, their search for the group of vampire hunters to something neither of them saw coming. In the wintry city, they find more than they bargained for.

Ethan and Auris’s relationship deepens in this final installment of their story which started with fated love and has become real love, true love for the two of them, no matter their differences.

Jacquie's Review:

While, as always, I loved the writing, there was just something about this installment that wasn't the same as the other two. Like I said, quality writing, just... I don't know. Perhaps it was because I'd not long finished Moonlight Phoenixes and was missing Amory and Soyer!

I loved learning about Auris and his history. Meeting him mom was something else! She's a bit of an enigma. I'm not sure where I stand on her. I did also enjoy meeting other characters from his past.

For me there wasn't quite enough at the end of Reflected, which is why it is a 4 rather than 5. Maybe I'm just being greedy and wanting more of Auris and Ethan and their shifter friends, but it didn't quite feel done. I feel like the door is open for another story, or two, from this pairing.

Perhaps the author will come back to them at a later date. There's certainly enough story there, if not with the vampires but the shifters.

I really enjoyed how covid and the world's reaction to it plays a part in the story with Ethan getting tested after traveling etc.

Really, I just want more of the pair.

Rating: 4 Stars

Reflected is available to buy as an ebook wide.