Prince and Bodyguard (Perilous Courts Book 4) by Tavia Lark

The beginning of a new story arc for the Perilous Courts series. A bond that cannot be broken between a prince and his guard, Vana wouldn't be able to survive the constant plotting at court without Daromir to comfort and protect him. But can their relationship turn into something more while they navigate assassination attempts, manipulations within House Dire and a growing bond between them?

From the blurb for Prince and Bodyguard:

Cuddling with your bodyguard is normal—right?

Vana Dire can’t show weakness if he wants to survive the Draskoran court. The only man he can be vulnerable with is Daromir—Vana’s magic-bound bodyguard. The binding lets them share each other’s pain, and Vana depends on Daromir’s comfort as much as his services as a guard. Vana could never risk their friendship.

Even if he craves far more than Daromir’s loyalty.

Daromir Azri sees a side of Vana nobody else sees. Behind closed doors, the cold, elegant prince is kindhearted. Vulnerable. He needs Daromir. If Daromir’s devotion sometimes feels like something else? Daromir must be mistaken. His duty comes first, and he’ll do anything to protect Vana—including one thing he’s never done before:

He’s keeping a secret.

Then their magic bond changes, and suddenly Vana and Daromir don’t just share pain anymore. Each shared sensation pushes their friendship to the breaking point, just when Vana and Daromir need each other most. They’re facing a mysterious ambassador, a chaos-stirring prince, the consequences of past schemes—

And an assassin seeking Vana’s life.

Prince and Bodyguard is a gay fantasy romance with pining, hurt/comfort, and codependent cuddling. The Perilous Courts series is best read in order, and Prince and Bodyguard begins a new three-book arc about the princes of Draskora.

SNik's Review:

Fourth in series (Perilous Courts), but can be read as a standalone. Paranormal. Hurt/comfort. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Adopted to become a prince, Vana’s only piece of home is his bloodguard Daromir, and through their bond he would always be protected and cared for, and for the last fourteen years he has come to rely on their closeness. Daromir has never regretted becoming bonded to Vana, he happily has committed his life to him if only dealing with the assassination attempts and politics of court didn’t seem to be slowly changing Vana from the sweet boy he met into a heartless ruler like the king. 

As Vana and Daromir work together to navigate the royal court, Vana begins to realize that his feelings for Daromir are beyond friendship and soon Daromir realizes the same. 

The closeness and deep trust between Vana and Daromir is unshakable, and soon is the basis for a devoted and loving relationship where they will do anything to stay together. 

Plenty of yearning, scheming, intrigue, and steam surrounding this new couple in the Perilous Courts story. 

Entertaining and sweet, I am looking forward to more in this secondary story arc for the series.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Prince and Bodyguard is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.