My Best Friend’s Brother (Elysian Escapades Book 1) by Casey Cox

Oops, Hawk's intended hookup is his best friend's older brother. Will is trying to leave his old life behind, which means trying to repair his relationship with his brother and finally exploring his attraction to men. They are supposed to stay apart, but Hawk and Will can't seem to let the other go, possibly not letting go forever. 

From the blurb for His Best Friend's Brother:

What's worse than mistakenly professing my love for my best friend?... How about sleeping with his brother?

I swear I had no idea Will was Emry's older brother when we hooked up.

So when Emry barges in on us—awkward—things get real messy, real fast, and I find myself smack bang in the middle of a family feud.

To make matters worse, I'm developing feelings for Will, even though I shouldn't be. Because he's totally off-limits. The one guy I can't have.

Now I have to decide: do I pursue something with Will at the risk of losing my best friend?

***Elysian Escapades is a NOVELLA spin-off series from the Escape books. Each novella can be read as a stand-alone.

SNik's Review:

First in novella series (Elysian Escapades, spin-off from the author’s Escape series). Best friend’s brother. Dual POV. Quick read. 

Hawk is a regular visitor to the Elysian resort, fully comfortable with the quick hook ups and ready to forget that he professed his love for his best friend Emry. 

When Hawk meets Will they immediately plan for a spicy night, but they unexpectedly find out that Will is Hawk’s best friend’s older brother, and that puts the brakes on anything further. However, Hawk and Will can’t forget each other and end up forging a long distance relationship and more. 

This is a short story that has feelings ramping up fast and two guys that connect and find they are willing to risk it all for more. 

Fun, romantic, and steamy, this was an entertaining read, with two guys that communicate honestly and easily commit to each other.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

My Best Friend's Brother is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.