Misfits (Urban Soul Book 1) by Garrett Leigh

Misfits is the beginning of the re-release of the Urban Soul series and contains MMM.

From the blurb:


LAMBDA Award Finalist. Expect: Tourettes rep, snarky British banter, MMM first times, and an emotional friends-to-lovers HEA.

Restaurant owner Tom Fearnes has loved his partner Cass for as long as he can remember, but their work often keeps them apart. When he meets a striking young man named Jake on the vibrant streets of Camden Town, their heady first encounter takes an unexpected turn.

Jake Thompson can hardly believe his luck when he wakes up in Tom’s bed. Tom is gorgeous, kind, and . . . taken. Tom’s explanation of his open relationship leaves Jake cold, but Tom is too tempting, and when hard times force Jake to accept Tom’s helping hand, he finds himself between two men who’ve lost their way.

Cass Pearson is a troubled soul. He loves Tom with all he has, but some days it feels like he hasn’t much to give. Jake seems like the perfect solution. Cass risks everything to push Jake and Tom together, but Jake resists, wary, until the darkness of Cass’s past comes to call. Then Jake finds himself the last man standing, and it’s time to dig deep and shine a light for the men he’s grown to love.

Sheena's Review:

I know Misfits is a re-release, but it's the first time for me reading this, and honestly I am not sure why I never got to it before now. I rarely read MMM, I'm quite picky with it, but I do usually love Garrett Leigh's writing so I was confident I'd love this going in.

I adored Jake, Cass and Tom. We first meet Tom and Jake, and Jake is a little lost at the start of the book but there's an instant connection with Tom, and as his relationship with Cass is open, there's not a hint of cheating and I never felt like there was. Tom loves taking care of people and fixing broken things, he sees the good in everything - be it a person, or an old fire station that he turns into their latest restaurant venture. Jake has Tourette's, which doesn't define him but has made his life difficult up till the point we, and Tom, meet him.

The relationship between the three is a slow burn, Jake needs and is given, time by both Cass and Tom and there is zero pressure from either guy, I think they honestly just want Jake happy, and he brings something to them too, that they didn't know was missing. The evolution of Jake's relationship with Cass is lovely, they start as friends and slowly evolve into lovers with Tom too. It's beautiful, and organic, and wonderfully uncomplicated as you get to see them all learn how to be with one another and they all bring something different to the relationship.

This is such a good story, I am just sorry I waited so long to read it, and it's going straight on my re-read list. Loved it.

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

This is the revised edition of Misfits, I hadn't read the original version so I went into this book wide eyed and ready for this story. 

The amount of detail and descriptions that are apart of this book is incredible, you can tell that Garrett took her time to research all of the information she needed to make this story as accurate as possible, and to make sure it was still realistic and believable. I really appreciated how much detail she wrote about not just the cooking, but owning a business/businesses, and how to get one up and running. I also enjoyed how she didn't rush these characters into anything, it was very much a slow burn between these men. Their feelings for one another slowly developed for one another, and over time they learned more about one another as well. 

I loved all the tender scenes we got with Tom, Cass, and Jake. It was really interesting how each of their dynamics were so different when they spent time with each other one on one, and then when they all spent time together the tender moments varied. This was a really great book to read and I highly recommend you getting yourself a copy. 

I do have to say some of the words that were used confused me a little, but that's just because I am not British so I'm not familiar with the slang, but the book was still so enjoyable. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Misfits is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription. Listed is an audio version, however this is for the previous release.