Make Like Mountains, Liquid Onyx #2 by B.L. Jones

Make Like Mountains is the second book in the Liquid Onyx series, following the continuing adventures of Nova and the superhero squad.

From the blurb:

Four months ago, Rexley Nova exploded into Danger City, fought some villains, saved some people, and became the vigilante known by the media as ‘Wrath’.

Alongside the superpowered friends he grew up with and Danger’s resident hero, Polaris, Rex is doing his best to protect the city and save the world on the regular, while also attempting to curb some of his more violent tendencies and figure out what the villainous group of Mages he’s been fighting are up to.

Through all this, Rex has to contend with his feelings for two men; Damon, a dangerous and aloof superhero, the one person who understands what being a vigilante means to Rex, and Jamie, his best friend’s older brother who he’s felt an intense connection with almost his entire life.

Rex battles violent superhumans, saves snarky children, gets himself a sidekick, deals with his extremely weird family, goes on a disastrous date, and continues to fistfight his own anxiety.

Sheena's Review:

Make Like Mountains is the second in the Liquid Onyx series, and needs to be read as part of the series, it's not a standalone.

This is the continuing adventure of Rexley Nova and his group of friends, and more specifically the evolution of his relationship with Polaris aka Damon North. There's also the continuing thread of the threat posed by the mages, and that story is advanced somewhat too, adding in the POV of Mia, who is the cause of all that misery. This is really centred on Nova though, and it was good to be back in that world BL Jones created. It took me a while in the first book to get used to the randomness that Nova comes out with, and it's possibly slightly toned down here but it's actually super fun, especially in his interactions with Damon. I loved the evolution of their relationship, but I fear one person is heading for heartbreak, and it might be poor Jamie Moon. Nova and Jamie's relationship is complex, and while it might be platonic for Nova, I don't think it is for Jamie.

I loved seeing how Nova changed over the course of the book, opening up to Damon more, and not hiding that he was training Jatin shows real character development, and I'm here for it. The whole book though felt like a setup for what's to come, as I kept waiting for that one big event like the park concert, but it never happened. This was a nice build up though, and I know things will come to a head, and I can't wait to see it.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Make Like Mountains is available to buy as an ebook