Kicking It With the Best Man by Riley Long

Kicking it with the Best Man
kicks off Riley Long's latest series Out and Kickin' with a sexual awakening story that starts with a club bathroom hook-up...

From the blurb:

I've been out and proud for years, happily living my truth. Never did I imagine I would be asked to step back into the closet.

Until that night at the club.

After one too many cocktails, I ended up in a bathroom stall enjoying a hot and steamy tryst with a super sexy guy named Nate. We exchanged numbers and indulged in some spicy sexting.

But when I asked him to meet up again, he ghosted me.

I tried distracting myself by acting as a friend’s plus one to a wedding. Who do I see standing next to the groom, looking like a snack? Nate. He claims no one knows he’s gay and asks me to be discreet. Still, my years of hiding are behind me. Can I help him find the strength to come out to his family and friends? Or will his reservations be too big an obstacle to overcome?

Heather's Review:

What happens when your bestie makes you a plus one to a wedding on a private island and the hook-up who sexted you and then ghosted you is the best man?  You find out that he's not out and scared... and not willing to force you back into the closet for him...

Kicking it with the Best Man was a quick and steamy read, with a dash of angst and an instant connection that threw both men for a loop.  I appreciated Nate's struggle with coming out and what that would mean to his family and friends, and I also appreciated Theo's ability to see things from multiple perspectives.  The secondary characters were fun and engaging and the story was easy to get into and fun to read!  Perfect for my weekend away.

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Sweet, quick read about finding the strength to live as your authentic self.  Nate makes a few missteps along the way but he gets there in the end.

Rating: 4 Stars

Kicking it with the Best Man is available in e-book format and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subsciption.