His Accidental Cowboy by A.M. Arthur

His Accidental Cowboy
is the third and final book in the Woods Ranch series from A.M. Arthur

From the blurb:

An experienced Texas ranch hand reluctantly falls for his much younger, very accident-prone coworker in this gay cowboy romance from acclaimed author A.M. Arthur.

Wyatt Gibson is in Texas looking for answers about his past. When he talks his way into a job at Woods Ranch, he never imagines that the hot cowboy he (almost) slept with the night before not only works there, but is the one showing him the ropes.

As a rustler at the ranch, Jackson Summer handles all sorts of things: mucking, herding, grooming, riding—and minding his own damn business. A lifetime of hurt will do that to a guy. What he never imagines handling is the greenest cowboy to ever step foot in Weston, Texas.

Jackson is determined to keep his heart safe—and falling for a hot young thing like Wyatt is definitely not safe. Especially because Jackson knows Wyatt is keeping a secret…one that he can’t quite put his finger on but that just might change life at Woods Ranch forever.

Woods Ranch

Book 1: His Fresh Start Cowboy
Book 2: His Reluctant Cowboy
Book 3: His Accidental Cowboy

Heather's Review:

So many great tropes here - grumpy/sunshine, age gap, secrets, meet-cute, protective dominant, inexperienced sub and so much more...

Both men come from traumatic backgrounds and bring baggage to the table, on top of the fact that Wyatt also comes with additional secrets that could impact his relationship with Jackson and the rest of the Woods Ranch family... 

I enjoyed this steamy and interesting story, but there were parts I wanted more of - particularly once secrets were revealed... and I have to say that while the crisis was foreshadowed, it was a little over the top for me.

It was lovely seeing the characters from the first two books and catching up with where they are at (a little surprise there too...)

Rating: 4 Stars

His Accidental Cowboy is available in wide release as an e-book, paperback, audiobook and even on audio CD.