He's The One, Fate We Make #1 by Barbara Elsborg

He's The One
is the first book in a new series, Fate We Make, from Barbara Elsborg.

From the blurb:

Col’s world is falling apart. His relationship has been exposed as a sham, he’s lost his home, and been fired from his job as a stonemason. Who says bad luck doesn’t come in threes? With no option but to move back in with his parents, and with his efforts to find a new job hitting a brick wall, Col’s life is
going nowhere.

Theo, unwilling heir to the ancient Asquith Hall estate, is desperate to gain some independence from his overbearing family. Despite his efforts to live up to the role he never wanted, he’s constantly battling to earn his family’s respect. Being made to feel lacking takes its toll, and sometimes, it’s hard to stay happy.

When a near fatal accident forces their paths to cross, Col and Theo discover in each other the connection both have been craving. As their love story unfolds, so do the secrets and sadness hidden at the heart of Asquith Hall. The past can’t be changed, but with Col’s stonemasonry skills and Theo’s determination, they might just be able to restore what’s broken and find happiness.

Warning – historical child abuse (no on-page detail), descriptions of violence, horrible parents and lovely parents, wayward brothers and a young man who never has an unspoken thought.

Sheena's Review:

It's always a joy to me when I get to read a new Barbara Elsborg book, it's always something I look forward to greatly and she never lets me down.  This was no exception.  I didn't really know what to expect going in, but I knew I'd likely get lost in the story.

I loved both Col and Theo.  Theo had more than a little similarity with Jonty from one of Barbara's earlier books, but that's a good comparison as I loved Jonty.  Neither of these guys have had it easy up till the point they meet.  Col particularly, his backstory is nothing short of horrific, when you find out the full extent of it.  Theo, even though he's the heir to the title and estate still hasn't had an easy time of it, his mother is nothing short of terrible and his father is at best, absent.  There's also a horrendous overseer who treats him like a slave, not the person who will one day pay his wages. 

I loved Col and Theo together, they both need a break and I so wanted them to get it.  Col's ex is also a terrible person, who is pretty much responsible for Col's life being so terrible when we meet him.  Despite all this, Theo and Col's story is ultimately sweet and I really was rooting for them to be together, and see the awful people get their comeuppance.  I'm happy to report it all does work out in the end, and there's a twist with Theo's father I certainly didn't see coming.

I really enjoyed this, and I understand it's the start of a series.  I am sure we will see these two again as I understand the next book is Col's brother, that's going to be interesting.

Rating: 5 Stars

He's The One is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.