Head Over Feels: A Bent Oak, Texas Novel by Bix Barrow

"Who would've thought glitter bombs could be so deadly?" Angel read and reviewed Head Over Feels by Bix Barrow.

From the blurb:

Well, this puts the “ex” in “explosive”...

Felix: What would happen if everyone you’d ever dated got together and plotted against you?

For me, it’s glitter bombs. Lots and lots of glitter bombs.

Okay, maybe I deserved the first one or two. Or three. But when things become less glitter and more grenade, I’m forced into hiding with the smokin’ hot older client I just had a sizzling one-night stand with.

Malcolm’s gruff exterior hides a marshmallow center (who else would hire a pet massage therapist for their elderly cat?) — but until the bomber is behind bars, neither of us are safe.

And no one would risk their life for a disaster like me...right?

Malcolm: I wasn’t under any illusions the night I ended up in Felix’s bed. He’s just my type — smart, funny, and adorable with just the right amount of meat on his bones.

But a guy like that deserves more than a grouchy forty-something ex-FBI agent with a broken body and a screwed-up brain. So, I knew we were only ever in this for one night.

Except now with his dating history blowing up in his face, Felix is turning to me for help.

And I’m pretty sure my feelings can’t be defused.

Head Over Feels is a low-angst MM contemporary romance. Come for the grumpy/sunshine, forced proximity (but there are two beds, sorry), hurt/comfort, and found family. Stay for the 1985 Buick Riviera convertible, dreams coming true, personal growth, game nights, and an online date gone very, very, wrong. HEA guaranteed!

Head Over Feels is part of the Bent Oak, Texas series. It can be read as a standalone but will be more enjoyable if you’ve read Heart Me Up first. Characters from Holding On to a Hero have significant roles as well, in case you want the complete backstory.

Angel's Review:

I was enraptured by this book as soon as I read the blurb! It sounded like reading this book was going to be a fabulous adventure and it most definitely was. 

I've read both of the books that came previously in this series and I did enjoy them, however, this one is definitely my favorite. 

There was humor, action, mystery, cute animal moments, baking, and plenty of found family moments. 

Malcom is a well... He's a  grump. He doesn't intentionally try to be, it just comes out that way. Even though people assume he's a grumpy guy, he's actually a caring, kind, and thoughtful man under his grumpy exterior.

And that's exactly what Felix discovered after spending so much time getting to know him. I thought their relationship was so sweet, they got to know each other slowly and made sure to give the other support at all times. I adored all of the scenes with Mariposa, she was such a great side character! Who needs humans as side characters when you can have an arthritic and diabetic cat? Those scenes added a much needed cuteness with all of the action that was surrounding Felix. 

I do have to say, even though I liked all of the characters in this book, (even Felix's ex's) I do kinda feel as though Felix had those glitter bombs coming. Making fun of others is not okay, but he did pen up to his horrible actions and apologized which I appreciated. It definitely redeemed his character. 

I was shocked by finding out who was behind the actual bomb, what a plot twist! I enjoyed reading about all the different friends that were such an integral part to this story. There were a lot of characters but I think they were all necessary to add the warm found family feel to the book. 

Overall I highly recommend this book to you, but make sure you read the other two books in the series first!

Rating: 5 Stars

Head Over Feels is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.