Goes Unpunished, Maverick Insurance Mysteries #2 by M.J. May

His best friend being questioned in a murder investigation kind of puts a damper on his relationship when the investigating detective is Perry's boyfriend. Hopefully once Nate can solve the most recent murder of a known playboy he can find time to spend with the man he is falling in love with. But as ever the secretive Maverick Insurance is in the background making sure Perry isn't in any danger.

From the blurb for Goes Unpunished:

Three years ago, Perry Atherton’s young life almost ended in a dark alley when he tried to play a superhero. Now, Perry’s stagnant life has been resurrected into happy contentment. No one’s tried to kill him in months, and beyond Wille Slater’s creepy vibes, Perry’s custodial position at Maverick Insurance is going well. Even better, his relationship with Detective Nathaniel Harmon has the potential to turn into something loving and lasting.

Lying in the back of a pick-up truck, the Milky Way stretched above him and snuggled up next to Nate, Perry couldn’t be happier. A phone call from Nate’s work partner ends the best date Perry’s ever been on and throws his boyfriend back into another murder investigation.
As a homicide detective, Nate’s used to the inconvenient calls, late hours, and missed promises with Perry. What he’s not used to is sort of, kind of knowing the homicide victim and the need to interrogate Perry’s best friend—Gayle Ridley.

Death is never easy. Murder is worse. Dealing with your boyfriend’s hurt feelings and protective instincts is brutal. Nate needs to solve this murder pronto so he can get out of the doghouse and crawl back under the covers with the man he loves.

When a suspect in Nate’s latest murder investigation threatens Perry, Nate will push himself to the limits. Perry has suffered enough, and Nate will be damned if he brings his dangerous work to Perry’s door. The world needs to learn that Perry Atherton is off-limits, and Nate will make sure the message is delivered loud and clear.

Goes Unpunished is the second book in the Maverick Insurance Mysteries series. The first book, No Good Deed, should be read prior. Goes Unpunished is a m/m romantic mystery and contains good friends, sketchy coworkers, lazy and hungry cats, thoughtful dating, and an exhausted detective and his understanding boyfriend.

Goes Unpunished contains descriptions of homicide and a character using a homophobic slur once.

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Maverick Insurance Mysteries), must be read in order. Mystery suspense. Established couple. Low/no burn. Dual POV. The romance is secondary to the main storyline which is a murder investigation. 

When Perry’s best friend gets questioned during a murder investigation it causes friction between him and his boyfriend detective Nate. Meanwhile, Nate and Perry are struggling to find time to spend together since Nate has the murder investigation and Perry’s night time custodian job means he’s usually at work at the mysterious Maverick Insurance company when Nate gets off duty. 

The short bits of time Nate and Perry interact are sweet and are slowly leading to them falling in love, even as the investigation keeps brushing up against their private lives. Perry maintains his oddly protective but friendly relationships with people at his work, has his ever faithful best friend Gayle at his side and Nate’s detective partner Nat is in their corner as well. 

This book didn’t touch as much on Perry’s past and the secretive interest the people at Maverick Insurance have in his well-being, but the investigation was entertaining enough with a HFN for Perry and Nate as the series continues.

Rating: 4 Stars

Goes Unpunished is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.