Bourbon and Burlesque, Love and Libations #3 by Raquel Riley

Bourbon and Burlesque is the third book in the Love and Libations series. It follows Kelley and Graham as they wind their way down love’s tricky path, deal with a stalker, and adopt the cutest kitten ever. 

From the blurb:

Is it a cliché to fall for the man who comes to your rescue? Or is it fated?

Kelley Michaelson

Love and affection had been missing from my life since I came out to my parents as a teen. Burlesque gave some of that back to me. When I take the stage, the audience admires me, the music loves me, but burlesque isn’t the passion of a lover, a soul-deep connection my heart yearns to share with another man.

When my boss’s father plays my hero from a stalker, I know my search is over. His vow to keep me safe feels like so much more than that. Smart, confident, loyal and generous, tough as nails…he can face anything, except when it comes to me. If he runs, I have a plan to catch him.

Graham Carrick

I never thought I’d give myself another chance to be a fool in love, but when Kelley strutted into my life on patent leather stilettos and turned it upside down, he didn’t really give me a choice.

Nothing has been the same since, including my heart. I don’t want life to go back to the way it was before, even if it could, but it doesn’t matter. The twenty-eight years that separate us are too many to bridge the gap, no matter how I think he makes me feel.

Bourbon And Burlesque is an age gap, grumpy sunshine, opposites attract gay romance with a femme-fatale burlesque dancer, a silver fox bar-owner, a dash of hurt comfort and forced proximity, and a diva kitten named Glitter. This is the third book in the Love And Libations series.

Lori C's Review:

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself in the crosshairs of a stalker? One that has hurt a friend? Kelley, the super talented burlesque dancer at Limerick’s, finds himself at a loss. Well at least until Graham steps in to rescue him! Graham just calmly swoops in, collects him and his stuff, and moves him into his home. He is going to keep Kelley safe, for him, Kelley is a shining light that he can’t bear to see dimmed. The longer they are together, the more the sparks fly between them. This isn’t just lust, it is a love that will last, IF Graham can lower his walls and let Kelley into his heart. 

Every time I think I have a favorite couple the next book comes out and Raquel Riley blows me away! I really thought Rory and Carlisle were it and then Kelley danced through the doors and into my heart. His determination to be himself, authentically, to do what he loved, struck a chord inside me. Graham, on the other hand, struck me as someone who’d been hurt and while he wanted love he wasn’t sure he was willing to reach out for it. Yet he loved every side of Kelley. He wanted him to shine and that kind of love is amazing. Each character that Raquel Riley gives us steals a piece of my heart and I willing give them over as I sink into her stories. I’m so ready for more and the final book Tequila and Tattoos! I’m going to miss these Carrick boys when the series is over. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Tatted_book_freak's Review:

In true Raquel fashion, she outperforms her last release by a thousand! Everyone has been impatiently awaiting Graham to receive his HEA, which was more than deserved, and Kelly exceeded his (and my) expectations.  Along with the expected romance, though, there was also a tad bit of mystery. 

As a burlesque dancer in what appears to be a popular lounge, fans are expected, but stalkers are a little different.  I appreciated Raquel giving small pieces at a time, showing that most stalkers are unpredictable and sporadic.  But Kelly was a fighter and wouldn't allow him to deter too much of his routine. 

Like Rory, Graham can get it, can, get it, any time, any place, any position, or even watching him and Rory together.  His protective intuition for Kelly was so sweet and never too much. And that mouth!!??!! 😩  I can't deal with these nasty men and their dirty innuendos; I want to lock them in the closet away from the world, saving their mouths for me 😁  

I did love Graham and Kelly’s dynamic and undeniable chemistry. I did not forget their connection, powerful and explosive, just like the fourth of July. Even Glitter found a small corner in my heart ❤️ 

So excited for Shannon, Gordo, and Aries next!! Even though I admit, I'm a little more interested in Shannon and Gordo’s previous relationship, especially since they are technically related.  I'm here for it all, especially the forbidden!! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Nicole's Review:

Graham and Kelley were fire and better then I even anticipated!!!! I was a little worried about such a large age gap (even bigger then Rory and Carly), but Raquel handled it perfectly. Of course we have found family with this group of men, and a lot of sweet moments with the MCs from the previous books. I also really like how the timeline in this book spanned part of the same timeline as the previous without rehashing every scene in the exact same way.  

OMG I need to know if there was videos used as inspiration for Kelley's burlesque scenes, because they were so hot! Even though this was a slow burn, it allowed us to follow Grahams inner turmoil and doubts about his own worth, and just how much Kelley needed and wanted him. 

I absolutely adored these two, and am soooooo excited for Shannon and Gordy next!

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I was so excited for this pairing!  I love a big age gap and a man with a huge protective streak... and Raquel Riley gives us both in spades with Bourbon and Burlesque!   Raquel is the queen of writing characters with hearts of gold and filthy mouths - the dirty talk is so on point and the chemistry between the two men is off the charts!  Add in a little Glitter and my heart just melted! 

I love how this series continues Riley's love of found family and true family!  I can't wait until we see what happens next in the Love and Libations series!

Rating: 5 Stars
Bourbon and Burlesque is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.