Assassin, The Prince's Soulmate #1 by Katy Haye

Kit is an Assassin with a religious mission to kill a prince. But when Prince Talal insists they are soulmates, Kit is forced to realize that maybe everything that he has been taught may not be the truth. An unbreakable bond that leads to a meant to be love.

From the blurb:

Kiss or Kill? Why not both?

Kit was sent to the Sudharainian court with one kill Prince Talal, heir to the sultanate.
Kit’s never wavered in his duty before, but he’s taken aback by a sudden, powerful attraction to the man he’s been sent to assassinate.
The attraction seems to be mutual, so perhaps Kit can use it to his seduce the prince to get close enough to murder him.
There’s just one Kit knows a hundred ways to kill a man, but since he’s never even been kissed, he has no idea how to begin a seduction...

Isolated by being both prince and heir, Talal has been eager to meet his soulmate since the age of two.
He knew his soulmate would come from across the sea where customs are different, but he couldn’t have guessed the man would be a beautiful killer who considers soulmates an abomination.
The only place they’re compatible is in the bedroom. Talal will use that connection to forge their bond. Since soulmates are united for life, that will give him plenty of time to establish a relationship ... won’t it?

If you enjoy Tavia Lark and E H Lee's MM fantasy stories, you'll love stepping into the world of Adventurers and Exiles. Join Kit and Talal in their timeless romance where a feral cinnamon roll meets his intellectual bound-by-duty prince.

The Prince's Soulmate
Book 1 - Assassin - out June 2023
Book 2 - Protector - out August 2023
Book 3 - Hostage - out October 2023
Book 4 - Heir - out December 2023
Book 5 - Warrior - out February 2024

SNik's Review:

First in series (The Prince’s Soulmate). Fantasy. Soulmates. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Kit believes it is God’s will for him to assassinate Prince Talal. However, once Kit and Talal meet he wavers in his mission, Talal insists they are soulmates, but for Kit there is no such thing. Even as Kit completes his mission he is torn, and it soon becomes apparent there may be some truth to Kit and Talal’s bond. 

Talal is completely adamant that Kit is his soulmate and is committed to building a relationship although he fumbles several times along the way in trying to convince Kit. Meanwhile, Kit is far from home and all alone, struggling with the idea that what he has been taught all his life may not be the only way to honor his religion. 

This book was fascinating, with a different take on the assassin to lover trope, and compelling characters that made me intrigued to see where the story would go. 

Some loyal side characters, a little background for the main characters past (hopefully there will be more in upcoming books), and a good amount of action kept the story and relationship at a good pace. 

Ending with a HFN and a soft cliffhanger as there is more to Kit and Talal’s adventure to come as the series continues.

Rating: 4 Stars

Assassin is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.