#ThrowbackThursday - A Haunted Passion by Patricia Bates

 Today's #ThrowbackThursday takes us back to December 2021 with an excerpt from Patricia Bates' A Haunted Passion

From the Blurb:

There are secrets – some are deadlier than others.

RCMP officer Cooper Tylen finally found HIS house. It called to him. But nothing is as it seems and he finds himself amid a tumultuous and bitter ending to his long term relationship. Thrown into a grissly murder investigation no-one seems to want him to solve, Cooper isn't sure what more could happen.

Rebel Hunter and his lover, Gideon Palmer have seen it all. But when Cooper moves in to their home, the quiet of the farm is disrupted. There's a power wrapped in Cooper and both of them feel it. The past however will not rest, and they find themselves pulled into a steamy relationship with Cooper while working to keep him safe.

Deadly secrets which don't want to be uncovered. Amid murder, mayhem, and a cover-up can Rebel and Gideon keep Cooper alive long enough to solve the case while protecting their own hearts? Or will the curse of The House on Grissom Road take another life?


“That sonofabitch,” Gideon ground out. Fists clenched at his sides, he stared down into Nathaniel’s unconscious face. “I should kill him.” He glanced down the hall to the sounds of retching from the bathroom and exhaled, the lights around them flickering on and off.

“Calm yourself, my love. Killing him won’t help.” Rebel nudged him with his shoulder. “He needs to go. I will not allow such violence within these walls. Not again.”

“I’ll help.” A soft feminine the voice drew their attention to the young woman standing in the doorway leading to the study. “Men like him do not know boundaries. Do not respect others. It was men like him who murdered us.” She shot them a glance, her brows tugging together into a frown. “He will not go
willingly, so we will make him. Is the other man ok?”

Gideon turned his head at the scuff of a step. Cooper shuffled from the bathroom. His face was pale enough Gideon could count the freckles on his nose. The attractive man’s body shook, his eyes wide, fear and uncertainty in the depths. “He will be, Sarah. I’ve no use for the living in my space, but he…”

“He’s different.” Rebel reached out to take Gideon’s hand. “We’ll rid this place of the violence of this piece of crap and then worry about the other one. He doesn’t know about the men who were here earlier, does he?”

“No, they came and poked and prodded the house while he was gone. The sonofabitch hasn’t said a word about it.”

“Then we need to ensure he does.”

“He will. Come, my love, we can’t do anything for now.”

“Nathaniel won’t get much rest.” Sarah promised with a grin and vanished.

“I saw too much of his sort before. He’s not happy and wants to make everyone else miserable..”

“Gideon, he’s alive, we aren’t. Different rules apply.”

“Very true, sexy. But living or dead, violence against the innocent is not acceptable. Sarah’s mellowed in the years we’ve been here, but I still see the marks of her ending. If we permit him to continue, we’re no better than the worthless bastard.”  

A Haunted Passion is available for sale on Amazon.