#TeaserTuesday - Trusting Quin (Tales Reimagined #2) by RS McKenzie [NSFW]


Our final #TeaserTuesday offers up a very steamy first look of book two of RS McKenzie's Tales Reimagined series, Trusting Quin. This book releases on Friday May 26, 2023 and is currently available for pre-order.

From the Blurb:


I knew from the moment I met him, one night would never be enough. He was the Daddy of my dreams—equal parts sweet and stern, 100% hot as hell. The intensity when we came together was like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was never meant to be more than one night, and he’d always be the one that got away.


Weeks after the business trip where I spent an amazing night with a gorgeous boy, I receive a phone call in the middle of the night. My sweet boy is in trouble and needs my help. He comes to me trembling and tearful, and I’ll do anything in my power to help him. And I mean anything. Whoever hurt my boy will wish they'd never been born.

Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, Trusting Quin is the second installment in the Tales Reimagined series but can be read as a standalone. Contains Daddy/boy dynamics, sex work, references to sex trafficking, graphic violence, on page murder, off page murder, murder boyfriends, spanking, inappropriate humor, high heat, and of course, a sweet HEA.


Sucking him in, I move my head up and down his length slowly, savoring the taste of my boy. When I get to his cockhead, I flick my tongue over it before sinking back down his shaft.

“Fuck, you’re so good. So good at that. You make me … oh fuck. So good.” Red’s disjointed babbling is music to my ears as I continue to please him. I jack him off while I suck him, using my thumb to put pressure on the underside of his cock. Red jerks and groans, squirming and thrusting into my mouth. “Daddy! I’ll come. Please?” His voice has an edge to it and I know he’s only seconds away from exploding in my mouth. I could continue, put him out of his misery and let him come down my throat, but I want to fuck Red from behind while he has this corset on.

Pulling off his dick, I give the head one last kiss and I hear Red let out a long breath. “You’re … amazing,” he says breathily, making me laugh before I take his mouth. “My turn,” he says and tries to wiggle from under me.

Holding him still, I answer his unasked question. “I’m too close to the edge, seeing you in this corset and having you in my mouth. I want to come in your ass, not your mouth."

Red groans and leans up to take my mouth in a blinding kiss. My cock is hard as bricks and leaking in my pants. If I’m not inside of him soon, I’ll fucking explode.

Opening the lube packet, I slick up my fingers and start to prep Red. It takes longer than I want it to, since I’m so worked up, but I’ll take as long as I need so I don’t hurt him. He’s probably still sore from yesterday so I need to be gentle.

One, two, then three fingers enter him and Red thrashes around on the bed. I’m not trying to tease him, but I can’t help my fingers brushing over his gland every now and then.

When my fingers can move inside him with ease, I pull them out, get undressed and cover my cock with the condom. Slicking up doesn’t take long, then I’m back on the bed with my boy. “Turn over. I want to see your ass.”

Red flips over and positions himself on his elbows and knees, body shaking with anticipation. Sliding up behind him, I rub my cock against his hole before I start to push in. Red’s hole immediately engulfs the head of my cock and starts to pull me in. It takes all my self-control not to shove all the way inside in one thrust. Under me, Red is panting and fisting the sheets, easing himself back at the same pace I’m pushing forward. Working together, we get me fully inside him. Red curses and drops his chest to the mattress, eyes shut tight.

“You need a minute, mouse?” I ask before I move, gliding a hand up his back.

He shakes his head quickly and lets out a light laugh. “No, Daddy. God, you’re so fucking big. I can feel you everywhere.”

Smirking, I pull him up, placing a hand around his throat and the other on his hip. Red tips his head back and I move inside of him slowly. Pulling back and shoving in, over and over until he’s used to me. Dragging my hand lower, I take his cock in hand and let him fuck into my fist as he tosses his ass back to meet my strokes.

“I won’t last, Daddy. Am I allowed to come?” The gruffness of his voice indicates just how close he is. Music to my ears.

“Come when you want, baby. I’ll be right behind you. Your ass fits me so well. Your body knows my dick, baby.” Red moans and moves back faster, fucking himself on my dick and the circle of my fist. “Look at you. So eager for me. Wanting to get off. You want to come, sweet boy?”

“Yes, Daddy!” Red keens, pushing back into me harder, ass bouncing against me. “Please, Daddy. Fuck me!”

“I love when you beg,” I growl, letting go of his dick and pushing his chest down to the bed. Grabbing his hips, I start to drill into him hard and deep, watching his ass jiggle when my hips meet his delicious looking cheeks. My orgasm builds higher and higher and I grunt with each thrust, loving how hot Red feels around my dick. Raising a leg, I piston into him, listening to the sweet sounds he’s making under me.

Shouting incoherently, Red announces his orgasm and I feel his ass clench around me. Groaning, I fuck him through his orgasm, then I pull out, snatch the condom off and come on his pretty corset. Seeing my release against the dark material has my orgasm going on far longer than I expect, my dick kicking off wave after wave of spunk.


Trusting Quin is currently available for pre-order and will be part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription on Friday May 29, 2023.