#TeaserTuesday - Sins of My Father (Family Sins #2) by Raquel Riley


For #TeaserTuesday, we're taking a look at Raquel Riley's Sins of my Father, book two of her Family Sins duet. This book will be available on SmashWords on Thursday, May 18, 2023.

From the Blurb:

What is the consequence for falling in love with someone you are forbidden to touch? An eternity of guilt? Shame? Misery? Or can you find incredible bliss?


I’ve resigned myself to a lifetime of loving the wrong person because it feels so right. But nothing worthwhile comes that easily. The challenges we’ve had to face to be together just kept on coming, like a storm with no end. Would this ever get any easier? Or was it always going to be a tug-of-war between my head and my heart?


There was no going back. No do-overs. I fell in love with my father and I have zero regrets. Every day was a battle to keep our secret from getting out, and when it finally does, will the bubble surrounding our perfect world burst?

Sins of My Father is the second book in the Family Sins duet. It features an incestuous relationship, belt play, daddy/boy role play, food play, stuffing kink, and spanking.


Tick tock. Tick. Tock. Tick… Tock…

Time was slowing to an infinite crawl.

The clock mocked me. The calendar tortured me.

Twenty-one days; a virtual lifetime for someone waiting on results that could change his life irrevocably.

There was absolutely no way I was going to make it. Not sane, anyway.

“Mail’s here!” my son shouted, loud enough to be heard from two towns over. His stampeding feet bounded across the hardwood floor, sounding like it was going to cave in, before the front door slammed shut hard enough to possibly knock it from its hinges.

A moment later, the door slammed again, this time followed by a quieter shuffle of his feet. “Never mind!” he screamed, sounding disappointed but ever optimistic.

I dropped my head in my hands, my cheek resting against the cool wood surface of my desk. Wilder Raines was going to be the death of me.

It was nothing less than I deserved.

The penance I should pay for daring to fall in love with the only boy on earth I shouldn’t want. 

My son.

The red X’s I checked off on my desk calendar stared back at me like a prison sentence, counting down the days until the expected arrival of the DNA test results that would prove whether or not Wild was my biological child, or just my legal one.

Every day, he ran to the mailbox as if it held winning lottery tickets, checking to see if our results had come early. To Wild, he won either way. He viewed our possible biological connection as a boon, whereas I saw it as the final nail in my coffin.

No matter the results, Wilder expected our relationship to continue as it had been.

I just didn’t see how that was possible.

It felt like the universe was screaming at me, warning me in every possible way to keep my hands off the boy. And I wanted to listen, I really did.

But again, I just didn’t see how that was possible.

Had I imagined how similar his eyes were to mine? Or was it because I had given him those deep sapphire blue irises?

I raised my head, staring out the window of my home office, and wondered for the nine hundred and seventy-seventh time how it could be possible. It would mean a betrayal so deep, so large, I could never hope to heal from it. That my ex-wife, who I had trusted and loved once upon a time, had kept from me the one thing, the only thing, I had ever asked her for.

A child of my own.

No, it just couldn’t be true.

Fate wasn’t that cruel.

Was it?

Sins of My Father will release on May 18, 2023 on SmashWords.