#SpotlightSunday - Finding Mr. Fabulous by Con Riley

 Today's #SpotlightSunday is shining down on Con Riley's long awaited latest release, Finding Mr. Fabulous

From the Blurb:

Featuring a duke-to-be with a problem and a thief who could be his solution. Expect fake dates and fiery first-time love in this standalone contemporary MM romance set in London and Cornwall.

Rex Heligan might be known as Mr. Fabulous in the bedroom, but he doesn’t want a boyfriend. In truth, he doesn't have time between his London banker lifestyle and the Cornish dukedom he’ll inherit. What he needs is someone to watch over his grandfather while he’s away on business.

Rex’s shortlist of caretakers shouldn’t include a thief he once caught stealing, but Devesh Singh-Smith is more than a cat burglar.

Much more.

He’s the only one-night stand Rex hasn’t forgotten.

Rex convinces his grandfather that Devesh is the first boyfriend he’s ever wanted to bring home to their castle where their sizzling spark rekindles. He doesn’t expect the explosiveness of their connection. He also doesn't expect Devesh to steal his heart by sharing secrets or to leave before their fake relationship is over.

There's only one way for Rex to steal his heart back.

He'll have to catch his thief twice and share his own secrets with him, even if it costs him his dukedom.

Finding Mr. Fabulous is set in Con Riley’s extended Cornish romance world. New readers can start right here and expect a story rich in heartstring-tugging emotion, and to swoon over a guaranteed HEA, while previous readers might enjoy glimpsing a few old friends.  


This castle has only held two souls for almost my whole lifetime. For nearly as long as I can remember. And that’s how I like it. How I’ve always liked it.

Does three still feel a crowd now?

Dev tilts his head while I wage an internal battle—or try to while I’m so tired I’ve lost track of my thoughts and our conversation. Thankfully, he picks up from where he left off, glancing towards the window where my grandfather turns the pages of a yellowed newspaper, reading, or pretending to at least.

Dev drags a hand through his hair again, thinking. “If I tell him I’m going to an interview, or to my grandmother’s for her birthday, that would only be a white lie. Her party is coming up soon, and my family always goes all out.” He shares another smile to add to my collection before it wavers. “But pretending this is more than a fling?” He straightens. “I don’t want to do that. Not to him, Rex. Not now that I know him better.”

His gaze flicks to the window for a split second, meeting again with mine for a much longer, molten moment. “He thinks we’re well on our way to happy-couple territory, and do you know what?”

I shake my head mutely, and for all the knives pointed at me this morning, Dev wields the one that stabs me.

“He’s so fucking delighted at you having someone, only we both know you don’t do that, do you? Settle, I mean. One and done, remember?”

I don’t answer.

I can’t.

Not while something shifts underfoot as if I stand on sand instead of granite. I can only act, copying a move Dev made moments earlier.

I cup his face with one hand while seagulls cry and waves crash beyond the harbour.

None of that drowns out what I almost whisper.

“Stay another day, Dev. Not only for him.”

My voice comes out scratchy.

“For me.”

 Finding Mr. Fabulous is available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.