Oblivious Roommate, ‘Am I the Problem?’ series #1 by Devon Doe

Hard to tell which is the Oblivious Roommate, Matt for not figuring out that Cass is his person, or Cass for not seeing the changes in his friend sooner. Made for a great read though!

From the blurb:

Tl;dr Am I the problem for trying to sabotage my gay roommate's relationship? I have my reasons!

I [20M] moved to a different college just so I can live with my best friend since high school [21M]. But it turns out that in the two years we lived apart, he’s come out as gay, and he never told me! He also has a boyfriend, and I’m really not homophobic, but seeing them together bothers me. Other than that, we’ve reconnected like it’s magic. Living with him is amazing, and everything would have been perfect if his ass of a boyfriend wasn’t around. I don’t think that guy is good enough for someone as funny, interesting, and cool as my friend.

How do I make him dump the stupid boyfriend?

Update: So I’ve been trying to break them up, and I’m starting to realize that, possibly-maybe, I’m the one who wants to date my roommate. Help! He’s the hottest guy I’ve ever known and I keep screwing things up!
Also, is it gay to love smelling his sweaty T-shirt?


Oblivious Roommate” is a best friends-to-lovers, gay-awakening steamy romcom filled with misunderstandings caused by an oblivious himbo who means well but has no clue.
While the books in the series share a setting each can be read as a standalone.

(Matt and Cassian’s story)

Angel's Review:

Devon Doe is a new-to-me author, I've never read anything from her before. When I read the description I was intrigued and upon reading the story I was intrigued. 

I adored the characters right away, especially the side characters. Yes, Cass and Matt were great but I loved Aaron and Kai more. Especially Kai! I really hope he gets his own story, his character really stood out. 

This book had a nice build up, although it goy a bit frustrating when Matt kept going back and forth. But! It's understandable considering he just discovered this new part of himself, and he was worried about his friendship with Cass. I liked how Aaron was a really great friend to Matt, he was supportive and encouraging but also made sure to let know when Matt had a really bad idea. 

I really enjoyed the way the story ended, them adopting a cat baby was so cute! This book made me excited for the next book in this series. This book was slow at times but it did pick up, I really enjoyed it. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

To start with, I wasn't sure. Then I warmed into the author's writing style and was along for the ride as Matt came to terms with his feelings for Cassian and wrangled his jealousy over Logan.

I really liked how accepting everyone was of Matt's revelation. Both he and Cassian could have been considered the Oblivious Roommate, Cass for not seeing how Matt was changing, and Matt for not owning his feelings sooner.

There's a great cast of side characters. I really hope that Aaron has a story. Same with Levi and Kai.

Logan was an interesting choice for the next book, but after this one, I'm sold.

The ending was just adorable and funny.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Told from a single POV throughout most of the book, you have to wonder which character is featured in the title, but both truly qualify... but it made for a sweet and twisting build-up to Matt's revelations.  I think it was well thought out and well written and I love the premise of "Am I the Problem?" for the series.

I loved how supportive people were of Matt's admissions and I appreciated that the author built the world and the friends group up so we have a glimpse into the series and now I can't wait for all the friends and even Cassian's ex to get their HEAs!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Oblivious Roommate is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.