#NSFWednesday - Ripped Linden (Mars Fitness #1) by Linden Bell


We're turning up the heat on #NSFWednesday with a steamy scene from Linden Bell's Ripped, book one of their Mars Fitness series.

From the Blurb:

Sometimes heartache is a blessing in disguise.

I thought my life was perfect, and then I walked in on my boyfriend sleeping with my best friend.

The only person I can turn to now is Donnie, the silver-fox spin instructor who lets me crash at his place. Donnie’s a lot older and he’s still grieving his late husband. My dreams of being a filmmaker have disintegrated along with my relationship.

The worst of life has brought us together. Do we dare create something beautiful out of it?

Ripped is an age gap, nerd/jock, hurt/comfort MM romance between roommates who cuddle while watching classic movies. Expect low angst steamy shower rooms, teary confessions, disapproving family, and brand new beginnings. It is the first book in the Mars Fitness series and can be read as a standalone.

CW: grief and loss of a spouse, description of fatal car accident, description of homophobic family, cheating secondary characters. Happily ever after guaranteed.
I drop my sweats and underwear and climb onto the bed. When Connor turns to me, the look that comes over his face makes my breath hitch in my chest. He’s studying me like I’m a masterpiece and he’s a devoted art history student. He steps out of his jeans and climbs up from the foot of the bed.
His gaze is hot as it trails up my legs and lingers on my cock. It’s hard and leaking. My balls are already drawn up tight. He ghosts his fingers over my hips, down one side and up the other, then he does it again and my hips come off the bed.

Connor’s eyes flick to mine. His got that lip of his caught between his teeth, and when he looks at me through his lashes like that, fuck, it’s too much. I reach for him and he covers me with his body. So big, so heavy. I spread my legs and his hips settle right down between them. I take that lip from him. If he gets to chew on it, then I want to chew on it too.

Connor moans and jerks. His hot, thick cock brushes along mine. Goddamn, I want that thing inside me. I want it stretching me open and filling me up. I want to feel his hip bones hitting my ass, driving me into the mattress. I want to be sore afterward. I want to walk funny tomorrow.
“Connor, fuck me.”
He sits back and fumbles for the condom. I take the moment to flip onto my stomach, drawing my knees under me so my ass is in the air. Christ, it’s been a long time since I’ve put myself in this kind of position, since I’ve opened myself up to someone else like this. My cheeks are hot at how wanton I feel. My dick throbs at the lewd image I must present.
Connor’s hands run up the backs of my thighs. They cover my ass, give them a squeeze, then pull them apart. The air is cold on my hole.
“Holy shit.” Connor’s breath is hot on it.
I quiver, needing him, his tongue, his cock, his body. “Connor.”
He licks a quick swipe across my hole. I let out a high-pitch whine. He does it again, and I whine even higher. Connor twirls his tongue around and around the entrance to my body until I’m blabbering into the sheets and arching up for more. Then his tongue is pushing into me and I sob with relief.

It’s wet and weird and I’ve forgotten how fucking good it feels. Connor takes his time opening me up and my heart swells with tenderness for him. I’m tight and unpracticed after so many years and it takes me a few minutes to remember how to let someone inside. When he pushes a lubed finger into me, my body screams with pleasure, and I almost come with that tiny penetration. When he pushes in another, the pain of the stretch only adds to the sparks firing all over me.
He fucks me with his fingers and his tongue, finding my prostate and massaging it from the inside. It’s too good, too much, and I swear I’m going to fucking come like that. He needs to get his cock in me now or he’s not going to at all tonight.
“Please, Connor. Hurry.”
He pulls away and a moment later, I feel the blunt tip of his dick against my hole. There’s pressure against me, but I’m too tight. The pressure increases and for a second I’m mortified that this isn’t going to work. I breathe deep, remind myself to relax, and when he presses in again, I bear down. The head of his cock slips into me and holy fucking shit, I feel like I’m flying apart.
Connor leans over me, covering me with his big body, pinning me down with his weight. I muffle my sobs with a pillow. It’s not only how incredibly good it feels to have him in me, it’s more than the physical sensation. He’s brought my body back to life. He’s showing me that there’s more to living than merely going through the same daily routine. He’s reminding me that it’s never too late to start over, to try something new, to take risks.
He rocks slowly, gently, inching deeper and deeper into me. When he’s fully seated, we’re both trembling, teetering on the edge. I’m full. It’s staggering. My dick is pulsing and I feel it from the roots of my hair to the soles of my feet. I’m not going to last long. I don’t even want to try.
“Fuck me, Connor. Hard. Fast. Make me come.”
Connor growls in my ear. He pulls halfway out and slams back in. That’s it. Exactly like that. Tear me apart. Ruin me.
Connor fucks me. I’m flat on my stomach. His arm is wrapped over my shoulder and across my chest. I dig my fingers into his forearms and hang on for dear life. His cock is pistoning in and out of my ass, hard and fast, just like I asked for. Sweat drips off him and onto me. Every lungful of air I suck in smells like fucking sex. And in the midst of our bodies crashing together over and over again, a peace settles over me.

This is right. This is good. This is as it should be.
Something special has developed between us, something we need to cherish and nurture. It’s going to end well. I know it in the deepest parts of me.
My orgasm is almost an afterthought, just pleasure surging through nerves that are already overloaded. I don’t scream. I don’t sob. I think I’m smiling into the pillow as I ride the wave.
Above me, Connor comes too. He sinks deep into me and his whole-body contracts around me. It’s wonderful. I love it. I want to stay like this forever.

Ripped is available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.