#NSFWednesday - As Above (The Fallen #1) by Julie Mannino


We're celebrating today's #NSFWednesday with a steamy scene from Julie Mannino's As Above, book one in their The Fallen series.

From the Blurb:

He lowered his lips to Riley’s ear. “All you have to do is be a good little pet.”

When Riley’s secret friend, Eren, vanishes from the woods where he hides, Riley starts to think he imagined him. After all, what little boy would have fangs, a red, pointed tail like a devil, and no need for food? 

Over thirty years later, Riley is taken prisoner in the Fallen realm where angels and demons have been locked in a war for centuries. The demons keep humans and cambions as slaves to fuel their magic, there’s no way out, and their horned, winged leader, Lord Erebus, looks like Eren.

At the age of forty, Lord Erebus is foul, lethal, and has a taste for dark fun. He denies their past friendship and has no time for the imaginings of a slave. All he needs is his army, his scythe, and the energy from his pet, but some glimmer of the old him is still buried under the cruelty. Even if he can’t remember their past, Riley does, and maybe they can have something more even though no one else has ever earned the affection of the demon lord.

But as he uncovers more secrets about himself and Eren, Riley will learn that it never pays to love and submit to a demon.

For fans of Ariana Nash's Primal Sin and The Prince's Assassin, and Alethea Faust's S*x Wizards, this MM demon angel romance contains:

Kinky, s*x-based energy magic system
Master/sl@ve relationship
Touch him and be unalived vibe
Magic e-stim k!nk
K!nky tail action 


Riley hastened toward him and stayed on his knees as he started undoing the demon’s belt. Once it was loosened, he tugged on the trousers and drawers. Eren’s erect cock bobbed in Riley’s face, and he took in the size. He’d probably need a little extra oil to get that thick shaft in his ass. The tip was slick with pre-cum, and Riley was tempted to lick it and see if it tasted sweet. 

Hell, he was tempted to just stay on his knees, take it in his mouth, and see what a demon’s load tasted like. 

Eren kicked aside his clothes and got on his knees with his purple and silver eyes half-crazed with lust. He took Riley’s hand and wrapped it around his shaft as he curled his wings forward and made a space with just them two. 

Eren’s cock was warm and smooth in Riley’s hand. He rubbed his thumb over the rip to smear the pre-cum around and started stroking. Eren sucked in a breath before he grabbed the sides of his pet’s face and kissed him. Riley moaned at the taste as feathers brushed his back. 

Eren reached down to grab him with one hand and slowly stroke him. Riley’s movements were more vigorous, but Eren’s were gentle. Still, he was sure he would burst soon as the demon kept kissing him. 

“Fuck,” Riley mumbled against his lips. “Don’t stop.”

Eren growled and tightened his grasp as he reached around with his other hand to squeeze Riley’s arse. Nothing beyond the demon’s wings mattered. It was just them two in their own little world of lemon, sunshine, warmth, and mounting pleasure. Riley's balls tightened, and he groaned, but Eren stopped stroking and simply gripped the human’s shaft.

“Don’t stop,” Riley whimpered. 

“I’m not quite there yet.” Eren nipped at his ear, and his tail slithered over Riley’s thigh. “You’ll cum when I let you.”

Riley kept stroking him, eager to bring him off. He was off the edge when Eren resumed and started kissing his neck, and he rested his head on the demon’s warm shoulder. Yellow smoke had formed around them and was drifting up. Riley tilted his head to glance at where it was gathering, but he was far more interested in what was happening in their little bubble.

The pleasure mounted, and judging by Eren’s quickening breath, he wasn’t too far off either. Riley switched hands and continued, enjoying the way the thick, hard, length felt in his hand. The demon’s tail eased around his balls, teasing and sliding across.

“Eren,” he gasped as he neared the edge once more.

Eren didn’t slow or stop that time. He quickened and jerked his own hips. Warmth hit Riley’s stomach just as he came with a shout. At that moment, Eren growled and bit his shoulder. Somehow, those two little pinpricks of pain seemed to spur him on as he thrust his hips and fucked the demon’s grasp. He buried his face in Eren’s shoulder, feeling like the orgasm would never end. 

Eren snarled, and his tongue was wet and hot on Riley’s shoulder as he sank his fangs in a little deeper. Riley gave a final jerk as he felt the last of Eren’s cum streak his stomach, and they paused, both breathing heavily.

Eren lifted his head, renewing the little dots of pain as his fangs pulled out of the skin. He licked the spot and grabbed the back of Riley’s head to kiss him. The new, faintly sweet taste in his mouth had to be his blood, which meant he must have bit his tongue so he could heal Riley’s shoulder with a lick. Eren finally drew back with a glazed look in his eyes before he gazed up, and Riley did too.

The yellow pearl hovered as a few last wisps of smoke entered it.

As Above is currently available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.