#NSFWednesday - Across the Line by R. Frank Davis


For today's #NSFWednesday, we have a spicy sneak peek of Across the Line by R. Frank Davis.

From the Blurb:

A chance meeting. A one-night stand. And then a pattern of them.

For Nigerian-born professional football linebacker Arikawe “Ade” Adeloyebe and Chicago newspaper reporter Rex Palmieri, not-so-casual sex is all they can have. Ade is closeted to protect his career, and Rex has to toe the line between his own job and his secret relationship with a sports celebrity.

Both men fall deeply in love, but misunderstandings, miscommunication, and outside pressure threaten to implode the relationship. Then a bounty-hunting scandal followed by a bloody gay bashing force Rex and Ade to face some hard choices. Can they tackle the opposition and cross the goal line to happiness together?


“I do not know your B-bunny,” Ade said, “but I grew up with stories of Anansi. Would you like me to tell you one?”

“Does he wind up in a five-way with a lizard, a leopard, and twin chimpanzees?”

He laughed at that. “Close,” he said. “You shall see.” And my cheeky boyfriend tweaked my nipple.

“Once, Anansi was walking through the forest.” Ade spread his broad hand, five fingers portraying eight legs on my chest. “He came down through the leaves.” Fingers slid under my chest hair. He ruffled it, and like some kid, I hated it and loved that he did it all at once. “He slid down the twists of vines.” A little pull. Ouch. “He slid down the elephant leaf.” He brushed my abs, or what little of them showed around the bandages still covering my wounds. “He came, at last, to a water hole.” My navel.

Okay, so I’m belly-button boy. Ade’s touch thrilled me. I giggled.

“Anansi stayed at that hole.” Hand circling. “He bathed there.” The back of the hand now caressed me. “He swam there.” The fingers were back, drumming ever so lightly. “As the day went on, he drank there.” Ade bent down then, licked the navel rim, pushed his tongue into it. My stomach spasms made my stitches hurt, but damned if it didn’t turn me on.

“Until,” Ade said, “what Anansi saw was a beautiful, beautiful snake.” Ade’s hand drifted, nonchalant, down my treasure trail to my crotch.

My snake was waking up.

“She was such a beautiful snake,” he said, sliding his fingers to surround my genitals, balls and all. “Lovely, smooth skin warming in a sunlit spot. She stretched”—and his hand gently slipped up under the scrotum—“into the light.”

Ade bent in then, breathing in my scent and coolly blowing out his breath. He slid my foreskin back, exposing the most sensitive part of me. That was only fair as I was most sensitively exposed to him.

He took his time touching, sliding, then kissing the head, the sides, the balls. Licking those spots in different order, different ways. And he listened, caringly, to my breathing, noting when it began to shallow out. He was edging me to pleasure, but he was not in any hurry.

I swear I could see the finish line of ejaculation several times before he took me back down that track. The last of those times, he leaned up and said, “So what happened to Anansi?”

I repeated dreamily, “What happened to Anansi?”

“Well, Anansi was brave, but he was foolish too. Foolish because he did not like anyone excelling beyond him. No one could be smarter or swifter or fiercer than him. So how could anyone be more beautiful? More beautiful than a spider?”

My eyes were closed; I was literally in his hands. “But Anansi is a spider god.”

“Yes, a god who is a spider. Such a creature has powers.”

Ade’s hand began pumping me, slowly, slowly. It was excruciatingly wonderful.

“I love his powers.”

“Yes. So Anansi rocked on a thick branch.” Foreskin back. “And he thought.” Foreskin forward. “And he thought.” This went on till, “What could he do to prove himself more powerful than this lovely snake. How could he show her his excellence? Well, like this.”

Ade leaned in again, this time not stopping to lick or kiss. He put his full lips over my penis head, held it so his tongue could caress around it. I sighed. My stomach stitches actually burned, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t.

“So Anansi used his lips,” and then Ade used his. “He knew his greatest strength came from his tongue,” and Ade used his. “So Anansi, who was very foolish but very brave, mesmerized the pretty snake with his mouth.”

Now I was under Anansi’s spell as well.

Ade was always excellent at a blow job, but this one blew my mind in a whole new fashion. In and out, so slow I wanted to scream. In and out, so fast I can’t understand how he didn’t bruise his brain. Sometimes letting the juices—his saliva mixed with what was likely a pint of precum—spilling onto my crotch, soaking my balls. And then more suck, more variation, more love.

Lost in this magic, dressed in my lover’s shirt and soaked in my lover’s power, I guess I couldn’t take much more. I found myself begging, “Please. Ade, please. Ade, please.”

Ade pulled me out of his mouth, hand-jacked me harder and faster. I was going wild, so I don’t know for sure if he said, “And the snake was taken.”

All I know is that I came strong, lifting my stomach up, jerking with each of his jerks, shouting and straining until I was finally spent.

I looked out of very satisfied eyes. Most of my jizz had landed on me, more than a bit on my bandages, but I didn’t care. Apparently, however, Ade got too close. A swath of white cum sliced down one black cheek. Taking his spare hand (still letting me deflate with the other), he wiped the spill from his face and sucked the finger.

Then he said, “And the snake spilled out her lovely venom, the juice that was her beauty. Anansi took it, swallowed it whole. Anansi held that gift most precious, for he knew now he held the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Ade stopped, still smiling at me. I returned to earth, still wrapped in his shirt, wet with sweat from the journey. Finally I smiled back.

I said, “Did you make up that story, Daddy?”

“Hush, Wolfcub, time for sleep.”

“Can I hear it again?”

“We shall see.”

Across the Line is available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.