His Fatal Love, West Coast Mobsters #3 by Leighton Greene

Can a known crazed assassin and a rival family's enforcer find their happiness together? Leo's family wants Leo to convince Julian to become their ally, but Julian has his own agenda and he won't betray Don Castellani. There is no future for them, but Julian and Leo can't seem to find a way to be apart so they have to fight to stay together.

From the blurb for His Fatal Love:

Easily bored, completely manipulative, and utterly deadly…and that’s just in bed.

As an assassin for the Castellani Family, I live for the thrill of the job.

I'm devoted to my Family and my Don, because they keep me safe.

To Leo Bernardi, I'm a monster.
A killing machine.
And a puppet that his Family can use for their own ends.

To me, Leo is just a pawn in a game that I'm playing.
A means to an end.
And if I have a little fun with him along the way, who cares?

Leo thinks he can seduce me. Tame me. Use me.
In this game of cat and mouse, the Bernardi Lion is about to get a big surprise.

But the more entangled we become, the more I start to feel…

Things I didn’t think I was capable of feeling.

Things I’ve never wanted to feel.

In my line of work, love is a fatal flaw. But the more time we spend together, the harder I fall.

Leo Bernardi is my greatest enemy…
Could he also be my greatest love?


Dive into a forbidden romance between a psychopath assassin and a Mob Enforcer. Get ready for seductions and betrayals, scorching love scenes, and an unforgettable romance as a cold case comes back to haunt two Families sworn to destroy each other.

SNik's Review:

Third in series (West Coast Mobsters), must be read in order due to overarching storyline. Mystery/suspense/action. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Julian is the younger brother of Don Castellani, a loose cannon and feared assassin, and he is on a mission to finally find his mother’s killer. Leo is the Bernardi family enforcer, but his newest assignment is to woo Julian, encourage him to kill his older brother, and eventually become a puppet for the Bernardi family. But who is playing who is anyone’s guess when both Julian and Leo have their own agendas, but are slowly falling deeper into something - maybe love, maybe hate - and they can never really be together since their families are enemies. 

The push and pull for power between Julian and Leo is constant, with high heat steamy interactions, and some sweet glimpses into each of them falling for the other. Absolutely enjoyed every minute of His Fatal Love, Julian and Leo learning to trust, finally being honest about their feelings, and working together perfectly. 

Both Julian and Leo were likable characters, one psychopath (never diagnosed :-)) and his perfect match that understands him, both loving every piece of each other. 

This series is Chef’s Kiss.

Rating: 5 Stars

His Fatal Love is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.