Heavy Hand, Irons and Works: Key Largo #2 by E.M. Lindsey

More tattoos, bao buns, pesky iguanas, and friends with benefits? 

From the blurb for Heavy Hand:

The story of Max and Jeremiah.
Release date will update. Max isn’t pathetic. Really. He’s not.

He just gets a little too attached sometimes when hot guys pay him extra attention.

And Jeremiah seems different than all of Max’s other hookups in the past…

Until Max wakes up in a hotel room with nothing more than a note thanking him for a good time.

But when he learns Jeremiah owns the restaurant next door to Irons and Works, it seems nothing more than inevitable when they run into each other again. And it’s depressingly predictable when Max finds himself falling for the stoic blind man who made it clear from the start that he doesn’t want a relationship.

Max usually takes life with a grain of salt—letting the world ebb and flow around him with an open heart and heavy hand—but for the first time in his life, he’s found something worth fighting for.

Heavy Hand is a friends with benefits romance featuring nightmare neighbors, angry iguanas, pranking lists, petting zoos, quiet mornings, perfect nights, and the steamiest happily ever after.

Angel's Review:

I was really looking forward to Max's story after reading about him in Paris's story. I knew it wouldn't be a light book, it's heavy and dark at times, but sooo realistic. I personally really enjoy when a story is realistic, when it can grab at my heart strings and not let go, those are stories I go crazy for. They are also usually the ones I connect with more, I enjoy reading books with serious topic matter. EM has always been able to pull me into whatever story I'm reading of theirs, and honestly I don't think I've read a book that I haven't enjoyed of theirs. This book focuses on Max and Jeremiah trying to figure out what they are to each other. They first met at a theme park, then had a impromptu dinner/ fooling around. They both felt too many feelings for each other even though they were complete strangers. So, Jeremiah left Max with a note, and that is when we get more information and details about these two men becoming friends, then to friends with benefits, then to lovers. I loved the way EM built up their relationship, it was a slow burn, and there was a bit of miscommunication at play here also. They took their time to get to know one another, and even though they were in bed together, more feelings blossomed from all of their talking. I hate Mike!! And once you read this book, you will too! That man deserved worse than the pesky iguanas. EM has always been an author that has impeccable world building, fantastic characters, and great storylines. I've never been to Florida or to Disneyland/Disney world, but the detail was so extraordinary that I could picture the places that were being described! I really enjoy when a book comes to life in my mind, it makes the reading experience so much more enjoyable. I loved the side characters, as always! We got introduced to new characters! Dei, Atlas, and Rafe! I'm excited to see where this series is going to go next. I highly recommend not only this book, but this whole series.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heavy Hand is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.