Finding Mr. Fabulous by Con Riley

Full of twists and turns, Finding Mr. Fabulous is Rex and Dev's story, it can be read as a standalone but I'd recommend a passing knowledge of at least Charles and Heppel.

From the blurb:

Featuring a duke-to-be with a problem and a thief who could be his solution. Expect fake dates and fiery first-time love in this standalone contemporary MM romance set in London and

Rex Heligan might be known as Mr. Fabulous in the bedroom, but he doesn’t want a boyfriend. In truth, he doesn't have time between his London banker lifestyle and the Cornish dukedom he’ll inherit. What he needs is someone to watch over his grandfather while he’s away on business.

Rex’s shortlist of caretakers shouldn’t include a thief he once caught stealing, but Devesh Singh-Smith is more than a cat burglar.

Much more.

He’s the only one-night stand Rex hasn’t forgotten.

Rex convinces his grandfather that Devesh is the first boyfriend he’s ever wanted to bring home to their castle where their sizzling spark rekindles. He doesn’t expect the explosiveness of their connection. He also doesn't expect Devesh to steal his heart by sharing secrets or to leave before their fake relationship is over.

There's only one way for Rex to steal his heart back.

He'll have to catch his thief twice and share his own secrets with him, even if it costs him his dukedom.

Finding Mr. Fabulous is set in Con Riley’s extended Cornish romance world. New readers can start right here and expect a story rich in heartstring-tugging emotion, and to swoon over a guaranteed HEA, while previous readers might enjoy glimpsing a few old friends.

CW: Past bereavement.
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Sheena's Review:

I am very selective with my 5 star reviews, I don't do it too often and a book has to evoke an emotional response to get it.  This book made me laugh, but also made me cry.  It's not often that happens and when it does, it means it's something special.

I adored this story so much.  It's ostensibly a standalone but there's so much crossover with the Glynn Harber series, and especially Charles, it would benefit to read at least Charles, and Heppel Ever After first.  

This is Rex and Dev's story though, and the story of Rex and his family, and Kara Enys.  Rex has had a life so full of loss up to now, he's so closed off as a result of all his tragedy and relies on one night stands and focusing on his job and charity work.  I loved seeing Rex unbend and get close to Dev, the chemistry between them is intense although it is a slow burn after the initial encounter.  That is perfect for these two though.  I did feel the romance is second to Rex's story though, for me that was the heart of this book (that's definitely not a criticism!).  Rex's story is heartbreaking, twisty, and with turns in the story that you won't see coming.   There's also THE most odious boss in the history of bad bosses.

I loved this book so much, it's a joy being back in Con Riley's Cornwall and I'm definitely here for more (also, I want more of the sassy assistant please!)

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Having fallen in love with Con Riley's writing during the Learning to Love series, I was so excited to get Rex and Dev's story and I wasn't disappointed in any way.... While this book is a standalone, I do recommend reading the Learning to Love series first (because it's fabulous and it will give you some background) but if this is your first Con Riley book you won't be disappointed!

This book was a roller coaster of emotions - I laughed out loud, I cried and I followed every twist and turn in Rex's heartbreaking story... knowing that you'll get to the HEA in time is what kept me going!  

This book is told completely from Rex's POV and so you see everything unfold through his lens and it makes it even more poignant and sweet.

Rating: 5 Stars

Finding Mr. Fabulous is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.