Find the Jinn, Wilde Contracts Series, Book 1 By: Maz Maddox Narrated by: Kirt Graves

An exhilarating dive into the lives of necromancers, incubi, vampires, and jinns, along with the excitement that comes along with in Find the Jinn.

From the blurb:

Wilde Contract Killing and Fish Training, how can I help you?

Murder contract? Piece of cake. Find a jinn? No problem.

New necromancy powers while being followed by an unwanted vampire bodyguard? Not so much.

Trained to handle even the fiercest undead, Dallas Wilde took out a powerful necromancer without breaking a sweat. Okay, that's a lie—there was tons of sweat, but he was victorious all the same.

Unfortunately, killing a necromancer comes with some repercussions. Broody, annoying, vampire repercussions and new abilities to resurrect the dead.

Can Dallas navigate his blood-sucking bodyguard, new powers, feelings for his attractive client and still handle his contract in time to pay his very, very late rent—all while trying not to get super murdered in the process?

Let's hope so.

Tatted_book_freak's Review:

Why am I just now finding this author?! She is pure genius mixed with humor and originality! Her characters were entertaining, even Kevin’s feisty little self. And, the plot!! I normally don’t like paranormal, but Maz gained a fan. 

Kirt Graves does a masterly job bringing each character to life, on his own, with numerous personalities. I was taken aback with his remarkable performance, his ability to noticeably differentiate between every person, giving them their own unique voice. 

Now, I have to admit, that semi-orgy was perfection at its finest! Dallas and Sias’ chemistry was enough to entice anyone, adding in Zane’s bloodsucking euphemism, and we have an intense, passionate smut scene!! Although, I must admit I was kind of bummed that the building sexual tension between a baby necromancer and his personal tethered vampire hasn’t progressed, but there’s still ample opportunity for a connection to occur. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Find the Jinn is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.