Drowning In You, A Trident Cove Novella by Devon Vesper

Emrys didn't expect to come home to find his mom dead, nor did he expect to get rescued by... A sea dragon? Drowning In You was an action packed novella.

From the blurb:

When Emrys finds a blue scale, he enters a savage world of magic and murder. With Riptide, a hot sea dragon, can he defeat their assassin for love?

Doctor Emrys Fairweather returns home to find his mother murdered and the killer on the loose. As he packs up her belongings, he finds a mysterious blue scale with a powerful hold over him. When the killer tracks Emrys down, they drown him, determined to get the scale for themselves.

Sea Dragon Champion Riptide Bluescale, has stuck around Trident Cove to protect Emrys’s mother. Having given her his heart scale to summon him, when Emrys puts it on, Riptide thinks it’s his beloved friend. But when he finds Emrys dead in the water, he quickly breathes life back into him and soon realizes that this gorgeous human… is his mate.

As they fight to get the scale back and exact revenge, Emrys and Riptide's bond grows at a lightning pace, lighting up both their protective instincts. Can they overcome the odds and find their happily ever after?

Find out in Drowning In You, a thrilling urban fantasy romance novella. Don't miss out on this exciting tale—pick up your copy today!

Drowning In You is technically part of the Trident Cove series, as it happens between Averlon and Revyn. However, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone without having read either of the two mentioned books.


Emrys has OhShiny! Syndrome when he sees a pretty scale, Emrys doesn’t believe in magic—oh, wait! That’s a sea dragon; he lied, Riptide is older than the hills, Age gap, why is it always age gap?, Emrys is only in his thirties and Rip’s how many centuries?, How will Emrys live with Riptide in the sea when he’s a squishy human?, Rip’s missing heart scale gives the bad guys a way to kill him, Emrys is determined to not let that happen, did I mention Emrys is squishy?, Fated Mates doesn’t care that he’s squishy.

Jacquie's Review:

For a novella, Drowning In You packs a fair amount of steam, sweetness, and world-building in there.

I loved the way Emrys met Rip, and they fell into a relationship. Yes, it was fast, but hello, fated mates, so getting steamy quickly was not an issue.

The action and introduction of new characters were great.

While I would have liked to understand how the bad guy knew about the scale, I enjoyed reading the novella so much that it was just a niggle.

I think I'm going to have to go read Averlon and Revyn now!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Angel's Review:

When I read the description I was really intrigued by it. I don't think I've read anything where something/someone is summoned by a heart scale. I thought that was a really cool concept, and upon reading the book, I still feel that way. I really liked Rip, there was a lot of mystery surrounding him and he was also really powerful. 

Emrys's character took being saved by a sea dragon well, he didn't freak out at all. And once he finds out their mates, he takes that information with a smile.

Something that confused me though was when Rip first met Emrys he said his power was to move water, yet when he was battling a group of armed people, he didn't use them? And they weren't mentioned again after that. That's something that confused me. Another thing was I feel like the side characters weren't necessary, it was mentioned Emrys has several foster siblings, and while one did make an appear, it was a very short cameo that didn't really move the story along. 

But! Despite those details, I did enjoy the story. The background detail was well written, and you could tell the author focused a lot of attention on the beach/water scenes. 

Overall a good novella. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Drowning In You is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.