Deadly Desire, The Last Mortals #3 by Silvana Falcon

"I've been wanting the water dragon's story!" - Angel read Deadly Desire and shares their review.

From the blurb:

A dragon shifter finds his fated mate... in the assassin sent to kill him.

Disowned by his parents, all dragon shifter Lachlan wants is the crown that is rightfully his. That is, until a sizzling encounter at a hotel bar introduces him to a handsome stranger who calls to the dragon inside of him like no one else before, igniting a chemistry too powerful to resist.

For the first time in years, Lachlan finds himself dreaming again--of the man he met at the bar. Blake.

Lachlan wants Blake as much as he wants his crown. Maybe even more so.

But there's a deadly catch. Blake is no ordinary man—he's the familiar of a powerful wizard who owns half his soul, and this wizard isn't going to let him go. Blake's master relies on him to execute assassinations for his own gain... and Lachlan is next on the hit list.

Please note: This book does NOT contain mpreg. Subjects that readers might struggle with include suicide ideation.

Angel's Review:

Lachlan's character intrigued me once he was mentioned in the previous book. His situation and his life was never in his control. He was stolen from his parents by the ice queen when he was just a baby. When the ice queen finally gets taken down, and Earnan gets married to both of his mates, he decides to go back to the place he once thought of as home. However, throughout the course of this story he realizes that the place he thought would become his home never was. 

Blake's character I completely adored, I haven't read many books that have had a main character as a Familiar. That was really unique and interesting to read about. How he could not only shapeshift but how he also had magic of his own. And while he never planned on falling in love with the dragon he was assigned to kill, he doesn't regret it. 

I really enjoyed the journey we went through with both of these characters. We got to go on a journey with Lachlan when he was discovering what he truly wanted, and who his true family was. And we went on a journey with Blake, with him trying to accept the fact that Lachlan wanted him, and was fighting for him, along with the fact of trying to break free from his master's control. 

I enjoyed the character development that occured during Deadly Desire, as well as the description of Lachlan's dragon. It was awesome! Overall I really enjoyed this book, and I'm looking forward to who's story is next. 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

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