Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Make Me Stay by Annabeth Albert

Those of us who read the first book in the Safe Harbor series are itching to get our hands on Make Me Stay when it releases on July 13th, but for now we have to be content with a pretty cover and a sneak peek excerpt:

There isn't even a full blurb yet, but here's what we can expect from Make Me Stay:

***Book Two in the brand-new Safe Harbor series from acclaimed author Annabeth Albert. Safe Harbor, Oregon welcomes readers to a historic town with a tight friend group, memorable secondary characters, quirky businesses, and long-held secrets. Each book stands alone with a fresh couple, but the background mystery of the town’s secrets ties the series together. MAKE ME STAY is Holden's story, and fans of Albert's Out of Uniform series will love his navy SEAL rescue diver co-hero!***

❤️Hurt/comfort for BOTH characters!

❤️Demisexual awakening

❤️Sexy secrets

❤️Light Kink Exploration with a rope-loving SEAL and a novice but eager Top

❤️A former detective bound and determined to rescue his wounded SEAL roommate

❤️A former SEAL rescue diver struggling with survivor's guilt

❤️All the caretaking

❤️Disability rep

❤️Small town

❤️Found family

❤️All the huge feels, character growth, and big fluffy ending readers have come to love from Annabeth's books 


"And which friend am I supposed to saddle with getting a call whenever I want to rub one out?”

“Me.” I grinned at him, doing my best to look as nonthreatening and nonjudgmental as possible. “I could be your kink dive buddy. Safety check-in. And I know you hate talking. You could just shoot me a text. ‘Do not disturb for an hour.’ Or use the college door code even—just text me a tie emoji.”

“Ha.” Cal gave a short, sharp laugh.

I leaned forward. “I want to be your friend, Cal, and I want you safe. I don’t care that you’re kinky. I care that you don’t hurt yourself.”

“Wow. That’s some words.” Cal echoed me from the night before, and then the most wondrous thing happened. He smiled. Like really smiled, big and wide, dimples, and parted lips like he might even laugh, a real one, not the sarcastic barks. Cal with a belly laugh would be a sight indeed. “You wanna be my kinky lifeguard.”

“Yes. I can’t just pretend to not know or be concerned, but I think there’s a balance where you can have your privacy.” I tried to press my advantage while he still thought I was humorous. “Like I’m here until my afternoon class at three. I could help you resurrect your rigging in a way that won’t cut off circulation, then go and listen to some pod recordings. Loudly. With headphones on. As long as I see proof of life before I leave, I won’t bug you again.”

Cal’s smile morphed into something thoughtful, eyes widening like he was seeing me for the first time. I had to resist the urge to make sure I wasn’t wearing bagel crumbs or to break the suddenly thick tension with a wisecrack.

But my patience was rewarded when Cal finally spoke. “Or you could not leave."


If you haven't started the series, there's still time to catch up before Make Me Stay releases in July, so check out our review of Bring Me Home - Safe Harbor Book 1 today!  

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