Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Himbro by Honey London

So excited to share the cover and an excerpt reveal for Honey London's Himbro which releases on May 25th and can be pre-ordered now or read in Kindle Unlimited on release day!

From the blurb

Devon got dumped.

My tragic taste in men has left me in the lurch… again. This time it’s the day before I’m supposed to leave for a destination wedding. When my ridiculously hot older stepbrother volunteers to be my travel buddy, I’m ready for five days of brotherly fun in the sun. What I’m not prepared for? My very straight stepbrother introducing himself as my boyfriend to shut up my manipulative, evil ex.

Jesse saves the day.

I’ve spent my entire life protecting my nerdy little stepbrother. If spending a few days holding his hand and calling him baby is going to help him stand up for himself, I’m ready to give an Oscar-worthy performance in my role of fake boyfriend. What I’m not prepared for? A game of spin the bottle that changes everything.

Himbro is a steamy stepbrothers to lovers, jock and nerd, opposites attract, fake relationship, forbidden romance novel with a sweet happy ever after.

Here is an exerpt. 

“So, that’s it? You’re coming with me?” Everything about this seemed just too easy, too perfect to be real.

“Hell yeah! We’re going to Maui, baby!”

“What about work? You said your boss is kind of a hard-ass. Will he let you off?”

He shrugged. “I guess we’ll see.”

I didn’t even realize I was biting my bottom lip until Jesse tapped it lightly with his finger.

“It’s just a job, Devvie. There’s nothing that’s more important to me than you are.”

Each time I’d heard those words in the past from someone else I’d eventually ended on the floor in the fetal position, but as I stared into his warm eyes, I couldn’t bring myself to doubt my stepbrother. He’d never let me down and I had no reason to think he ever would.

I exhaled slowly, letting myself hope for a second that—just maybe—for once everything was going to be okay after all.

“Oh shit. Gotta find my passport.”

I laughed, the heaviness in my chest easing for the first time that day. “No, you’re okay. Maui is in Hawaii.”

Jesse blinked at me.

“Which is in the United States,” I continued, “so no passport needed.”

“Oh, yeah!” He grinned. “Totally forgot about those two extra dangly states.” He sprang from the bed. “I’m gonna go charge my Switch and throw some condoms in a backpack.”

I snorted. “Really, Jess?”

“Dude. It’s the beach. We’re going to be surrounded by hotties in swimsuits. You know what they say… an ounce of protection is worth a pound of unsure.”

That was definitely not “what they say,” but I got the gist.

“Besides,” he continued, “what am I going to do while you’re being all weddingy?” He winked at me. “Always gotta be prepared to get lucky.” Jesse strolled out of the room laughing, and a warmth I wasn’t expecting spread through me.

I mentally reviewed the whirlwind of life changes that had happened in the past forty-five minutes. I didn’t have to hear Jefferson talk about phonographs ever again, I had backup for when I inevitably had to make nice words with the man who’d shattered my heart, and I got to spend a whole weekend with my amazing stepbrother.

I didn’t need to worry about getting lucky… as far as I was concerned, I already was.


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