Wild Goose Chase (Palm Island Book 4) by K.M. Neuhold

Maybe an island fling is just what Pete needs to shake up his boring life. But meeting his brother's best friend Goose and falling for the man's easy-going nature was not expected. Can Goose convince Pete to stay and enjoy the island life forever?

From the blurb for Wild Goose Chase:

When opposites attract, falling in love can feel like a Wild Goose Chase.
I know it’s wrong to check out my best friend’s twin brother. It’s definitely against the bro code to
shove my tongue down his throat. Screw it, one little passionate, sun soaked, all-consuming fling won’t hurt anything. Will it?
Pete doesn’t think he’s fit for island life, but he doesn’t know Palm Island like I do. He might think it’s all drinking on the beach and bed hopping, but maybe if I can show him the beauty and freedom underneath it all, he might decide to stay.
He came for a visit, to escape a bad breakup and a life that’s been closing in on him, but the island doesn’t lure anyone in on accident.
He might be all wrong for me; too careful, too neat, too structured. But I can’t seem to keep my hands off of him. Maybe I could use a little more structure in my life, and maybe Pete could use some chaos.
Will this fling wash away with the rising tide of spring or could this turn into the real thing?

*** This is a LOW ANGST, opposites attract, best friend's twin brother, super swoony and steamy M/M romance full of found family, island shenanigans, and beachy fun.

SNik's Review:

Fourth in series (Palm Island), can be read as a standalone but might be best if read in order due to the large cast of shared secondary characters. Best friend’s twin brother. Dual POV. 

Running to Palm Island to see his twin brother, Pete is wondering if his recent breakup and boring job are the reasons he is thinking of making the move permanent. Of course meeting his brother’s best friend Goose and having a heated fling with the carefree local soap maker shouldn’t be a factor, but Pete might be catching feelings and the whirlwind affair has Goose questioning if finally settling down with someone like Pete might be everything he had never known he wanted. 

I appreciated that this story had no drama, just two guys that find their attraction can lead to something deeper, and both Goose and Pete were likable and although they are slightly opposite in the way they approached life, they could find their middle ground easily. 

With some sweet, some spicy, some found family, and some adventure in paradise, this was a fun read. This story really embraced the fact that another person can help bring out your inner self in all the positive ways.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Heather's Review:

Sometimes after reading angst and drama, you just need a sunny, spicy trip to Palm Island and even if it's the off season and quieter than normal, it can be the perfect place to get away and watch someone take stock of their life while finding their soulmate...

Wild Goose Chase is just such a book - where the will he or won't he angst is mild and the OCD and anxiety are manageable... when you start to trust yourself and who you are with the person you might be falling for...

Well paced, sweet, steamy and a wonderful read for when you just want to see two sweet men find their HEA and maybe shop for a dragon dildo and repurpose a kitchen utensil or two...

Rating; 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

It's hard to believe we're already on book 4 of this series.  I have loved them all so far and this one is no exception.  Goose and Pete are just so damn adorable, and hot together and just when I think the last book was my favourite, KM Neuhold just has to go and prove me wrong because as much as I loved the last book, I liked this even better.  

Pete is a hot mess when he arrives on the island, just broken up with his boyfriend and stuck in a dead end life and job.  Hennessy, who we met earlier is his identical twin brother who lives on the island with Chef Storm.  I loved Goose's initial confusion when he met Pete at the party thinking it was Hennessy, but equally loved how quickly he was able to tell the two apart.  Goose and Pete are so sweet together, I loved how Goose not only accepted Pete's quirks and OCD but immediately made allowances and helped him with them, never judging, just accepting and supporting.  Watching Pete slowly come out of his shell and blossom into his relationship with Goose and the island was a total delight to witness.  

It's hot, and funny too as I'd expect with a KM Neuhold book, there was everything in here I want and need.  Sun, sand, surf, heat, passion, island magic, and love.  This is utterly perfect and I loved it.  Cannot wait for the next book.

Rating: 5 Stars

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