Truth and Hot Chocolate by C.S. Carver

".....lets himself be kissed and kissed and kissed until he can't remember his own damn name."

From the Truth & Hot Chocolate blurb:

What is Hollywood's hottest heartthrob doing sitting in his bathtub?

Actor AJ Miller has it all figured out. He has his pick of scripts and a platoon of fans who adore him. After attending a wedding that dragged up unpleasant memories, AJ decides to get away from the glam and sham of Hollywood. Where better to decompress than at a remote cabin in the woods of British Columbia?

It's just his luck that the cabin comes with a surprise guest.

Diego Rayas loves to cook, but he loves watching people enjoy his food even more. Although his catering and meal-planning business is booming, the high-maintenance clients are killing his passion. When his most recent catering job ruins his life, Diego retreats to his family's cabin to get away from the lies of Hollywood.

But it seems like Hollywood is dead set on following him.

AJ doesn't need another scandal. Diego doesn't need another spoiled celebrity to coddle. After they're trapped together by a raging snowstorm, neither can resist the attraction blooming between them. AJ wants someone who sees beyond his fame, and he hopes like hell that someone is Diego.

If only Diego would stop running.

Truth & Hot Chocolate is a snowed-in MM romance with only one bed, a copious amount of hot chocolate, all the comfort food, and sweet and spicy moments tucked away in the privacy of a remote cabin.

Miki J's Review:

From the opening chapter, I was entranced.  The way the scene was described, it felt like I was transported there (and I soooo really did want to be !!)….. and I couldn’t put the book down.  It’s a really damned good book – classic trope of one bed/snowed in …but with a touch of angst.  I wouldn’t say it’s light and fluffy book….there are troubles that both MC’s are sorting through, which is the angsty part, but they aren’t over-dramatised.  

Even though there are some dark moments, it’s also romantic, sweet and funny….and the food !!!  I really wanted to try some as well !!   Overall, a beautifully written book that I can thoroughly recommend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Truth & Hot Chocolate is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.