#ThrowbackThursday - Gone Away (Circles #4) by Elizabeth Noble


Today's #ThrowbackThursday takes us all the way back to January 2020 where we're revisiting book 4 of Elizabeth Noble's Circle series, Gone Away.

From the Blurb:

Rekindled love and a desperate fight for survival in the Black Hills.

Mason Arquette is brusque and rubs people the wrong way more times than not. Riece Burrell doesn’t connect well with others, needs his routine and sees Mason for who he really is. When they met the sparks flew and love blossomed. Mason thought he’d met the guy he’d spend the rest of his life with until Riece abruptly ended their relationship.

Several years later Mason and Riece are thrown together once again. Riece takes a job as a US Forestry Service photographer and Mason, a park ranger, is assigned to guide him around the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming. They’ve both regretted that their relationship ended and now they’re given a second chance at the love they shared.

Nothing is ever easy.

Just when Mason and Riece begin to work things out and come together again they find themselves the prey of people who hunt humans. In a desperate race for their lives they have to depend on one another like never before and that means taking a big step out of their personal comfort zones. Can they work together, survive and rekindle their love?


Their dinner went by too fast, but Riece was inwardly congratulating himself for coming up with the idea for a walk later in the evening. Mason wasn’t a man who needed constant talk, and Riece always appreciated him for that. They could spend hours together, never really talk, and have a perfectly pleasant time. Riece simply liked being around Mason.

“Are there wild animals in this area?” Riece asked as they walked back to their rooms. “The big game type?”

“We’re out in the middle of wilderness Wyoming,” Mason said. He followed Riece into his room and leaned against the wall next to the door. “This area has quite a few that are indigenous, so, yes.”

Riece retrieved his camera bag and checked a few things before slinging it over his shoulder. As an afterthought he grabbed a hoodie, one of the few things he’d hung up before going to Mason’s room earlier.

“Do you think we’ll see any? Maybe I can get some good shots,” Riece said. He turned and smiled at Mason.

Holding out one hand, Mason motioned to the camera bag. “Want me to hold that?” He took the bag’s strap before Riece could say anything and pulled it gently off his shoulder.

Riece shrugged into the sweatshirt, and Mason adjusted the strap on his own shoulder and waved at the door. “Ready?”

“I can carry that,” Riece said.

Mason smiled. “I know. But this way you can concentrate on what pictures you want to take.”

Riece suddenly felt a bit shy and flustered. This side of Mason popped out when he least expected it. A guy who was attentive and caring, Mason was also protective enough that Riece always felt secure in his presence. Mason pushed off the wall and took a step forward. He hooked a finger under Riece’s chin and tilted it up, bending to meet him as he did so. Mason pressed a soft, chaste kiss to Riece’s lips.

As he had before, Riece almost immediately leaned flush against Mason. He was that sort of man, the type someone could easily lean upon. He let his body mold to Mason’s, their breathing syncing almost immediately. For most of his life, Riece had avoided physical contact with others. Mason was different. When he was around Mason, Riece looked forward to a kiss, a hug, and more, but rarely more than he could handle at any given time.
Mason broke their kiss and backed away, pulling in a deep breath and sighing heavily. “I think if you want to take some photographs, we’d better stop now, or we’ll never leave this room.” His voice was deep and mellow and incredibly sexy.

Riece nodded and stepped away far enough that Mason’s hand slipped from his waist. He zipped up his hoodie. “Guess we should go, then.”

“Guess we should.”

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