The Enemy of Heaven, The Heaven Trilogy #1 by Reni Stankova

What if I told you, even Heaven has its favorites, or should I say had? An angel tired of the lies and a demon looking for hope in a world fueled by power. New reviewer, Dez, read and reviewed The Enemy of Heaven.

From the blurb:

The population of the Kingdom of Heaven has a cruel social division of angels and demons. The angel elite has always exploited the demons, and as the Third Angel Prince, Raphael is sick of it. One night, he witnesses the inhuman abilities of a young demon from the capital’s ghetto. Awestricken, he embarks on a journey to uncover the purposefully hidden secrets of their history.

For this, there needs to be a new ruler of Heaven. Raphael employs Dante as his most trusted royal guard and the two work together on a long mission to remove Raphael’s tyrannical father from the throne of Heaven and ascend a sovereign who would bring change and make the kingdom a better place.

But they’re playing a dangerous game. Death lurks around the royal family and the warm feelings that slowly bloom between Raphael and Dante don’t make the mission any easier.

Finalist in Chimera FantasyAwards 2022.

Trigger warnings: the book contains violence, death of children, mentions of child prostitution (no depictions) and mentions of suicide!

Dez's Review:

Raphael Azelys is one of Heaven's beloved Princes. He's grown up with the world in his hands and the power to have (almost) anything he desires. Yet he conspires and harbors deadly ambitions that threaten the very peace of the world. 

Dante is a demon. His kind is hated by the angels. He's a second rank citizen (and that's being nice) doing his best to just stay alive despite the onslaught of discrimination his people face daily. He's given up the idea that the world could be a better place, and that there is hope for a better tomorrow. 

An ambitious Prince stumbles upon the answer to his dreams when he saves the abrasive Dante from a death sentence. Dante wishes nothing more than to see the angel scum waste away at his feet but Raphael offers him a deal that he can't bring himself to pass. 

Let me just say that Dante is my favorite! During this entire journey, I wanted to wrap him up and hide him! His strength is unparalleled and he is fiercely loyal. Poor Raphael needs so much care and he had my heart absolutely in shreds. The attraction level between Dante and Raphael was intense and forbidden in just the right amounts. I fell in love with these two and can't wait to read more! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Enemy of Heaven is available to buy as an ebook.