#TeaserTuesday - The Herlequin (The Diabolus Chronicles #6) by D.K. Girl [NSFW]

Today's #TeaserTuesday is looking at the latest in D.K. Girl's The Diabolus Chronicles, The Herlequin. This book releases on Thursday, April 27, 2023. You can preorder now on Amazon.

From the Blurb:

Pitch and Sickle have survived enraged fae queens, murderous forest guardians, walking corpses, and ghosts turned monstrous by the Blight.

They been tortured by sorcerers and made playthings by enemies who have sided with the Morrigan.

The ankou and his daemon prince have been forced to confront awful secrets from their pasts.

Both have made terrible sacrifices to keep the other safe.

And would willingly do much more to protect the unimaginable bond that has grown between them.

In the midst of the chaos and carnage a deadman and a daemon have found each other.

Now, Prince Vassago will need his Pale Horseman more than ever before.

With the escape from the Fulbourn comes the truth about what lies ahead.

The journey will be perilous.

The great hunt has begun.

And all is not as it should be for a beleagered daemon.

Can Silas and the Order outwit the Morrigan, and deliver Pitch to where Seraphiel's secrets lie?
Or will the sorcerers' Herlequin succeed where all the rest have failed?


Pitch clutched at Silas’s pillow as his mood tugged him downward.

‘He could have at least brought me a coffee before he found better things to do,’ he muttered. ‘He’s probably brewing a fresh pot for the vagabond as we speak.’ Pitch pushed the pillow away and sat up, scowling at the unlit hearth. Silas fretted too much over Charlie, who had not left the lieutenant’s sickbed in days, insisting on sleeping in an overstuffed armchair at his side. ‘Didn’t even stir the bloody fire. Selfish bastard.’

If Silas wasn’t with the lad, fussing and bothering, he was probably out walking his ugly, drooling hound. Throwing the skriker a ball when he should have been handling Pitch’s own.

Now he was slipping into a downright foul mood, and though he knew his thoughts and grumbles not entirely reasonable, he let them overtake him. He threw back the covers. Surly or not, his morning glory had not eased. A fine tent pole of pink and rose hues, dashed with the faint trace of blue-green where veins ran close beneath the skin.

‘Fine. I shall deal with this myself.’

Pitch lay back down and took hold of himself with an irritated hiss, cursing the ankou for a serious neglect of duty. He gave himself tight, angry jerks that bordered on unpleasant but, admittedly, only roused him further. He cleared his mind, focusing upon one need alone. Pitch arched the small of his back, grunting up at the canopy which shuddered a little as he worked himself, his breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps. The seeing-to would be brief.

The Herlequin is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and will release Thursday April 27, 2023.