#SpotlightSunday - Clubbed Three: Darkness and Light by Robert A. Karl


Today's #SpotlightSunday shines down on the finale of Robert A. Karl's Clubbed trilogy with Clubbed Three: Darkness and Light

From the Blurb:

 In CLUBBED THREE: Darkness and Light, the final book in the CLUBBED trilogy, one major theme is how people adapt to changing situations. Joey and Henry, the owners of Club Sanctuary, experience changes to their relationship in a variety of ways. They move their focus from the very broad, diverse community at the club to a smaller, more intimate tribe. Should they maintain the rules that kept their relationship strong to this point, or make changes after Joey broke those very rules? Henry tightens his control to achieve his desires. Can Joey meet the new demands now being placed on him?

In a departure from Books One and Two, new voices are added to the narrative, bringing new perspectives as the LGBTQ community continues its fight for acceptance and equality, while the HIV/AIDS pandemic wreaks havoc with no end in sight.

Both the main characters and the community enter into the darkness. How many of them, if any, will emerge into the light?

The CLUBBED series has been described as Queer As Folk meets POSE. Each book can be read as a standalone, but the complete series tells the story of a community committed to the enjoyment of life even in the midst of overwhelming struggles. The mix of historical and fictional people and places provides authenticity within the art of storytelling. This is not a story of despair. It is a story of hope, courage, joy and optimism, still relevant today.


Deciding what to wear tonight was a major decision. I thought about wearing the tux I wore when we married, but then I worried how I would feel, wandering back home by myself in such a sentimental outfit if he ended up rejecting my attempt at reconciliation. Casual attire? Then he might think I was being casual about my apology. Slutty? No, that might remind him of what caused this entire problem. My slutty behavior. Digging through my closet, I wanted to find something that was both comfortable and would send the right message.

Do straight people have problems like this, I wondered. Or is it just me?

I took a cab to Rittenhouse Square, anxious, humbled, a little ashamed. I got out at Broad and Walnut Streets, opting to walk the last few blocks, trying to calm myself. Approaching the entrance, I felt heavy, like I could barely move my legs. I wondered where was that happy, confident, young man that I used to be.

Unsure of myself, I thought, just momentarily, about turning around and walking away. Pausing in the shadows, between the lights casting down from the street lamps strewn haphazardly along the walkway, I looked down at myself. I knew I looked elegant. Perhaps it was a bit much for a casual stroll in the Square, but this was anything but a casual affair. The arc of my future hung in the balance of Henry's decision, whether he would take me back or not. My mind had been made up from the moment he caught me in my infidelity. I wanted him. That was the all-consuming thought in my mind since that awful moment in time.

A small tear in my eye caught the light streaming from the nearby lamp, causing a rainbow that was visible only to me. A private rainbow. It's a sign, I thought. Each color seemed to reflect something about our love, an aura that must mean something.

Red - That was our passion. My undying love for Henry, which I now worried might be rejected. The color of blood, rushing from my heart to every part of my body, now pounding in my head as I dreaded this meeting.

Orange - Our optimistic outlook when we joined together to accomplish something. The energy that exuded from Henry, heightened when we worked together as a team.

Yellow - The joy that Henry brought into my life, bringing light as literally as the sun brings light to the Earth. But it's also a color of caution. I have to remember that I could lose everything if I continue to act irresponsibly.

Green - For the growth we experienced during our years together. Henry had been the impetus for my growth, my maturity, my better understanding of the world and our place in it.

Blue - The color of inspiration. There's no doubt in my mind that Henry is my inspiration. Everything I do is for him. Why did I put myself in this position? Why did I betray the one man who inspired me in ways that no other man possibly could?

Indigo - The color of wisdom. Possibly one of Henry's greatest traits. It was his wisdom that guided us. Certainly not mine. I was the fool. I needed Henry to guide me. What will I do if he turns me away? I cannot even bear that thought.

Violet - Royalty. Henry is my King. I worship him; I adore him; I obey him.

Each color reminds me of why I need to fix this problem. As the tear falls from my eye, the colors of the rainbow melting into nothingness, I worry that our relationship might meet a similar fate, melting away, out of my grasp, unable to maintain the steady force that I needed in my life. I was more afraid right now than ever before in my life.

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