Seized by the Orc by Aramis Jordan

Aramis did what they do best. A ton of steam in a very well developed world in Seized by the Orc.

From the blurb:

Despite his better knowledge, nobleman Nathan joins the war against the orcs—a savage species that invaded his kingdom to ravish every man in sight. During battle, he is separated from the knights protecting him and captured by an orc, who makes short work of his clothing.

As the orc’s thick, long fingers probe him, Nathan must resist the urge to come—for an orc, that’s surrender, which equals granting permission to penetrate. But as those fat digits lash his most sensitive place, Nathan’s control is slipping fast. He’s going to come whether he wants it or not.

Seized by the Orc is a gay erotic short in the Orc Invasion series. It ends in a HFN and can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Content warning: non-con

Categories of questionable consent (so you know what you’re getting into):

Dubious consent: Consent is there if you squint (NOT this story)
Non-con: The character resists, but inner dialogue reveals that they’re into it (THIS STORY)
R@pefic: The character resists and they hate what’s happening (NOT this story)

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Nicole's Review:

Aramis did what they do best. A ton of steam in a very well developed world. I was so excited we were going to get orc stories after reading His Fae Lord.  

I like that these are going to be novellas set in between the Folk of Vale stories. As for Nathan and Ogharod, after the initial panic we get what turns into a very sweet pairing. 100/10 on the spice scale. Loved It!

Rating: 5 Stars

Seized by the Orc is available to buy from Smashwords and Payhip.