Our Time, Studio C Book 5 by Toby Wise

I've been eagerly waiting for Ben and Ryder's story, it was well worth the wait!! Our Time is the finale for the Studio C series.

From the blurb:

Could a road trip change Ben and Ryder’s life forever?

Ryder has always known he was head over heels in love with Ben. Through the ups and downs of life, moving across the country, and finding jobs at Studio C, the two were inseparable but Ryder always longed for more.

After leaving his hometown, Ben was finally able to transition. Ben always worried that people wouldn’t be able to see him as the alpha he truly was, but finding the guys at Studio C made him realize that once he accepted himself, everyone else would follow suit.

On their way across the country for Ryder’s sister’s baby shower, these two best friends finally talk about things they’ve been holding back since they were teenagers. Will these confessions come too late? Or is it finally their time?

Our Time is the fifth and final book in the Studio C series. This story features a road trip, late night confessions, a trans alpha, mpreg, self-acceptance, found family and of course, a happily ever after.

CW: This book explores transness through the lens of omegaverse. It does contain talks of HRT, past memories of dysphoria, and medical transitioning.

Angel's Review:

This book was full of cute best friends to lovers moments that make you want aww out loud! I've been waiting for Ben and Ryder's story for a long time, through this series we've caught glimpses of these characters circling each other. Each book gave more glimpses of them, which in turn made us readers more curious as to what's going to happen between them. 

I firmly believe it was well worth the wait to get their book, this was truly excellent! 

Full of tender sweet moments that make you smile, and aww out loud scenes that make you want to do just that. I think this has been the best book in this series, as well as this being my favorite book! 

There was so much background detail, and the characters were fleshed out and well written. We got to learn about Ryder and Ben's past, and we got to learn why they've been dancing around each other for so many years. Which can I just say, was done very well! Best friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes, so to pair that with two beautiful characters that compliment each other so well, made for such a terrific book! 

This book wrapped up the Studio C series with a nice bow, and as sad as I am to see this beautiful found family go, it went out with a beautiful book!  

I do wonder about Alex's character, and I do hope that they'll get their own story at some point. 

I highly recommend this book, and while it can be read as a standalone I highly recommend reading the rest of the series for maximum enjoyment. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

The Studio C series wraps up in the author's sweetly steamy style in Our Time.

Best friends, Ryder and Ben, are in love with each other, and a road trip to Ryder's sister's baby shower is just the time to finally admit their feelings.

The pair were just adorable together, and Ben being trans was just perfect. I loved that aspect of the story. That first steamy scene where Ryder uses his mouth, wow!

As it is a finale, there's some wrapping up of previous storylines. However, this could probably work as a standalone.

Sad to see the series end, but they are well worth a re-read as comfort reads.

Rating: 5 Stars

Our Time is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.