#NSFWednesday - Ted's Temerity (Littles and Lace #3) by Anna Sparrows

 For #NSFWednesday, we've got a steamy excerpt from Anna Sparrow's Ted's Temerity, book three of her Littles and Lace series!

From the Blurb:

On the surface, Theodore (Ted) Masters has it all. He’s a Senior Partner at his law firm, has a circle of tight-knit friends, and lives a lifestyle most people can only dream of. Unbeknownst to those around him, though, Ted has a painful past preventing him from truly settling down with anyone.

Meanwhile, Zephyr Cruze’s career as a professional dancer crashed and burned due to an untimely injury. Starting over in a new city, he’s determined to make the best of every opportunity that comes his way, including the silver fox he meets at a new friend’s wedding. The silver fox who also happens to be a Daddy. A Daddy who says he’s okay with Zephyr’s preference towards feminization and princess play, at that!

But will Ted’s secrets and tragic history prove to be too much for them to handle when it all comes spilling out? Or will Ted find the courage to finally let others in?

CW: While this is a low-to-mild angst (no miscommunication!), sweet & cute, instant-attraction romance, this book does contain discussion of child loss, homophobia, parental pressure, and anxiety. This book is an MM Age Play/Age Regression romance between consenting adults, including a significant age gap, and includes feminization/femme play/princess play. This book contains elements that are suitable for ages 18 and over.


“Such a naughty mouth on you, too,” Ted laughs, but the sound is breathy and strained,
belying his own arousal. “What are the rules, tiny dancer?”

“Really?” I ask, knowing I sound bewildered and incredulous. I raise my head to stare at him
in disbelief. “The no swearing thing extends to sex?” For me, that’s impossible. I shake my
head, dropping it back onto my pillow as he crooks his finger and grazes my prostate.

“Fuck.” I breathe. “Yeah…no. That’s a no. You can’t enforce - oh, God, Ted.” The second
finger distracts me from my rant, stretching and burning beautifully.

“You were saying?” He sounds smug.

I writhe as he scissors and curls his fingers with practiced ease. “We’re renegotiating that
rule,” I manage after a few moments of indulging in the pleasure. In between pants and sighs,
I get out the rest of my bargaining chip. “If you ever want to see what else my mouth can do,
you’ll let me say whatever the hell I want during sex.”

He’s quiet as he contemplates my words, his fingers still working me open. “That’s fair,” he
eventually acknowledges, then pulls his fingers out. This time I do complain when he moves
aside, but the crinkling of a little foil wrapper has me hushing up. However, he takes me by
surprise when he rolls the condom over my cock, saying, “and, as a gesture of good faith, let
me show you what mine can do.” Then his mouth engulfs me whole.

My brain shuts down. This fun little back-and-forth between us is impossible to maintain
when my dick is surrounded by heat and suction. Then Ted’s lubed fingers are back inside
me and I’m officially lost to the pleasure he’s giving me.

I’m a begging, thrashing mess by the time Ted pulls away from my cock and removes the
condom. I want to sob at the fact that I’m so close and yet so far from coming, but he shushes
me quietly and reaches across to the nightstand for another condom, this one for him. I
struggle to my elbows to watch him roll it on over his thick cock, then spread my legs in
invitation for him once it’s situated.

He dribbles more lube over himself and lines up, his tall, broader form stretching over mine
as he finally pushes in. I breathe through the intrusion, his three fingers barely having
prepared me for his girth, and Ted gives me a moment to adjust. Then he takes his time,
pitching his hips forward and back in tiny, teasing thrusts until he’s bottomed out.

“Ted,” my breathing hitches, “you feel…ungh…” The gradual, deliberate slide of his cock is
indescribable. For all our playful talk about edging and orgasm denial, I get the feeling that
Ted likes to draw the pleasure out. It feels amazing to have him inside me, filling me up,
grazing in all the right ways as he moves with determined strokes.

“Right there with you,” he agrees, breathing heavily. “You’re like a vise. It’s…” he moans as
he pushes back in and closes his eyes, “Zeph, fuck, so tight. So perfect.”

I reach up and thread my fingers into his thick hair, the flecks of silver among the brown
glinting in the sunlight now streaming through the windows. Tugging his head down, I kiss
him hungrily, trying to goad his tongue into a faster pace, hoping that it might then transfer to
his hips.

Between us, my cock throbs, practically demanding friction. When Ted pushes in closer, his
stomach rakes over the sensitive head and precum dribbles from my tip.

“Touch yourself,” he demands against my lips. “Stroke in time with my thrusts.”

I don’t know that I have it in me to properly obey. Once I get my hand around it, I’m more
likely to try and jerk myself to coming as fast as possible.

As if knowing exactly where my thoughts have gone, Ted drops his voice even deeper,
adopting that dominant Daddy tone that I find so very enticing. “Zephyr,” he warns, not
losing rhythm. “Slowly.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I agree, only a little bit of cheek in my voice because I just can’t help myself.
Then I snake my hand down between us and, using my own precum to slick the way, start
sliding my fist over my neglected dick in the same leisurely pace that Ted is fucking me.

“Oh, kitten, that’s so hot,” he says, glancing down between our bodies to watch, mesmerized
by my actions. “One day I’ll get you to jerk off for me. To show me exactly how you like it.”
The idea of putting on a show for him is super enticing and shoots through me like an electric
shock. “Yes,” I cry out, my balls tightening.

“Don’t come yet,” Ted demands.


Something of my current tumultuous feelings must show on my face because his resulting
chuckle is almost dark and devious. He presses another kiss to my lips, teasing them open
with his tongue and slowly taunting me with it.

“We come together,” he says when we part again.

“I’m so close…”

“Hold it for me, Zephyr.”

Jesus Christ, he wasn’t playing when he said he’d edge me, was he?

I whine.

“Zephyr.” Ted’s tone is all Daddy again. It sends another spark of pure arousal through me.
More precum drizzles over my hand and down my shaft, an obscenely copious amount that
says I’m riding a fine line right now.

My tenuous control begins to slip with every measured slide of his cock inside me. I grip my
dick tighter, trying to physically hold the release back. I can feel my orgasm building, the
tension inside me nearly unbearable, a tingle building in my balls.

“Daddy,” this time I do sob the word, all trace of defiance or cheekiness gone. “I can’t…I’m

“Don’t come.” His order is firm.  

Ted's Temerity is available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.