#NSFWednesday - Taming Savage (Tales Reimagined #1) by RS McKenzie

For today's #NSFWednesday, we bring you a sexy scene from RS McKenzie's Taming Savage, book one in her Tales Reimagined series. 

From the Blurb:


After the death of our parents, I was taken in by my brother, who has been taking care of me more out of obligation than love. When he doesn’t come home from a job—if burglary can be considered a job—I discover he’s been taken by a beast of a man with soulless eyes. Even with his scars he’s hot as hell, but his cold eyes chill me to the bone. My brother is the only family I have, so I do the only thing I can to make sure my brother is free: I offer myself to the beast for a year instead. When I find out who he is, I fear I may be in over my head.


The first word that comes to mind when I see Abel? Beautiful. The second? Untouchable. He’s much too beautiful for the likes of me, with my shifting moods and damaged body. What if I spend this year trying to win him over–mind, body, heart, and soul? It would be possible if my enemies weren’t a constant threat. If I were a regular guy, I could have someone like Abel. I have these scars because of who I am; these scars that scare everyone away. Could a beauty like Abel ever see beyond the beast to the man underneath?

Taming Savage is Beauty and the Beast reimagined as a dark and steamy gay romance with heart-pounding action, forced proximity, age gap, found family, a naughty virgin, first times, kink exploration, a mild D/s dynamic, and features a cold, damaged crime boss and the snarky beauty who will finally tame his beast.

Trigger warning: Discussion of past parental and animal death that happens off page, on-page torture and violence, on-page murder, sale of drugs and weapons and dubcon. Explicit sexual content not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen. If those are triggers for you, please do not read.


He sucks his teeth and practically stomps up to my desk. “Yes?”

My hands go to my pants and his eyes track the movement. I see his eyes flare with heat, but he covers it quickly. “Over here and on your knees.” I could say it in a nicer tone, but right now, his mouth looks too good for me to think about being polite.

It doesn’t seem like Abel minds. I can tell by how slowly he’s walking that he’s forcing himself to take his time. He might not want me, but he definitely wants my cock.

I free my erection, which has been straining every pair of pants for the past three days. I haven’t felt the need to get a release from anyone but myself in years. But with Abel walking around, looking so fucking sexy, it’s all I can think about.

He drops to his knees in front of me and I stroke my cock while I stare at his soft lips. My dick will stretch them wide and I can’t wait to see it. I stand from my chair and lean against my desk. Abel watches me, then immediately drops his eyes. I don’t let the sting I feel linger. He doesn’t have to look at me, he only has to make me come.

“Open,” I order. He does, eyes closed, and I slide my cock between his lips. He moans at the same time I do. God, his mouth. His tongue strokes the underside of my cock when I push in, sending shocks of pleasure through me. I fuck his mouth with short, shallow strokes, letting him get used to my size. I know my cock is long and thick and I don’t want to hurt him. It takes an effort not to shove down his throat and make him gag.

After I’ve thrust inside a few times, letting him slick up the first few inches of my dick with his spit, I stop so he can take over. “Suck me,” I demand. I want to put his skills to the test. And skills they fucking are.

Immediately, he reaches up and grips the base of my cock to hold it steady, then opens wider, his juicy mouth sliding down the length of my dick. He bobs up and down on the top half of my cock, slicking it up more and twirling his tongue around me in a dangerous way. My eyes bug out as with every bob of his head, more and more of my dick disappears down his throat. He drops his hand and soon his nose is brushing my trimmed pubic hair. I grab his curls and yank him off my shaft, afraid I’ll come right then and there. Never has anyone been able to take my entire cock in their mouth. Many have tried but end up gagging before they can. Abel didn’t gag at all. Holy shit.

Looks like I won the lottery. The man that belongs to me for a year doesn’t have a gag reflex.

Eyes downcast, he patiently waits for me to once again feed him my dick. I want to yell for him to look at me, but I told him he didn’t have to. No one would want to stare at my scars while tonguing my balls.

Stroking my dick slowly, I grip his hair and demand for him to open. He does and I shove to the back of his throat, still surprised when he doesn’t gag or sputter. I’ll have to take advantage of his skills later. I need to fuck his throat now.

His warm mouth wraps around my shaft and I feel bolts of pleasure shoot through me, heading to my balls. The suction he applies to my granite hard cock is perfect, pulling me in further every time I push inside. Holding his head steady and digging my fingers into his hair, I thrust into his mouth, moving his head back and forth on my length. “Oh fuck. Yes, Abel. Your mouth …” I growl and snap my hips faster, fucking his face with deep strokes. His succulent lips grip my dick, thinned from being stretched over me.

Then he hums. On purpose. Electricity shoots down my spine, setting my nerve endings on fire. The vibration through my cockhead goes directly to my balls and sets off my orgasm. As it barrels through me I gasp out, “Swallow,” and I feel his throat start to move around my cock.

On a loud groan, I release into his mouth. The swallowing feels so fucking good, it pushes me into another unexpected orgasm. I pump into his mouth, filling him with my come. When my hands loosen from his curls, Abel drags his mouth slowly over my dick, sucking me gently through my release. I make sure to leave some of my come on his tongue as I pull out so he’ll taste me long after he leaves.

I drag my pants up and flop back into my chair. Abel looks up at me with wide eyes. He looks beautifully wrecked, face flushed and chin wet. He wipes his mouth and hurries out of my office, shutting the door behind him. Jesus fucking Christ. I’ve never been sucked off like that. It was fucking perfect. The right suction, no gag reflex, plush lips wrapped around me. A year might not be enough.


Taming Savage is currently available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.