#NSFWednesday - Scars and Souvenirs (Aiden and Jason #1) by B.H. Lynn


Today, we kick off a new weekly feature to celebrate Hump Day: #NSFWednesday. Our first spicy selection is from B.H. Lynn's Scars and Souvenirs. Enjoy!

From the Blurb:

Just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean you’re moving forward

I never imagined I’d ever leave the quiet country roads of Oklahoma for the bustling city streets of Orlando Florida, but after my last relationship left me scarred not just emotionally, but physically, I need to distance myself from the downward spiral of life as I once knew it. I’ve settled into my life as an introverted mail carrier in my three years here, but at thirty-four years old, I can’t help but long for more than a life of solitude. After a courageous night out leads me to meeting an impossibly handsome veterinarian it feels like I’m finally claiming part of myself I wasn’t sure still existed despite my instincts to run and hide.

But no matter how far I’ve moved, and how little space I’ve made for the past in my present life, it’s still real.

And apparently I haven’t fully dealt with it.

The scars along my torso that I do my best not to look at
are only the surface of the damage done. Damage that comes back to light just when it felt
safe to take a big step forward.

Can I move past the issues my last relationship engrained in me and learn not only to trust someone
else, but myself again? Can I find the strength to confront the past that I tried to leave for dead years
ago, and trust someone to see me for more than my broken pieces? Can I be honest about the impact of
my trauma with someone else when I can hardly do so with myself most days?

And will the man I’m hopelessly falling for have the patience to stick around while I figure it all out

***This title contains two adult males who engage in explicit sexual acts, and contains references and descriptions of domestic violence**


I softly licked at the pearl of pre-come already awaiting me at the slit. “I want your whole cock jammed down my throat, Jason. Don’t hold back.” Before he could finish gasping, I had his thick crown between my lips, sucking in hard as I moved halfway down his shaft, then twirled my tongue on the way back up. His big cock was going to be a challenge to deep throat, but I was fucking determined.

“Shit, Aiden. Feels so...so…” Jason’s words were cut off when his cock touched the back of my throat. “Unghh!” Jason’s fingers slipped into my hair, and goosebumps spread from my scalp to my neck.

If I kept pressing, he was going to go off in my mouth. Not that I would have minded, but I was desperate to feel his cock inside me and see how far I could ride this wave of confidence. “One day, I want to feel that thing go off in my mouth.” I licked the underside a little more, giving his cock the worshiping it deserved.

“Damn, Baby.” Jason’s hand wrapped tight in my hair as I pulled off, then kissed back up his now shirtless body, only stopping to tug both nipples between my lips before I made it back to his mouth. “One day, you will. But today, I wanna go off in your sweet little ass.”

I moved to his side and kicked out of my bottoms and went to do the same to my panties when he grabbed my wrist. 

“Let me take care of those, Baby. Get on your knees.” Jason landed a quick kiss on my cheek before he slid his body to the edge of the bed and stood up. It was a treat to watch his strong, naked body stroll towards the dresser and out of view. “Where’s your lube, Sweet Thing?” The sound of his wallet snapping open was followed by the rip of a foil wrapper.

It took a minute to realize he’d snagged a condom, and that in my horny state I’d forgotten to ask if he had one. My ass was saved, quite literally, because I sure as fuck didn’t have any. “Nightstand drawer.” My arms shook with the strong desire to collapse and fuck my blankets to completion. “Oh God, hurry Jason. I need that in me so bad.” I rasped, eyes clinched because I knew how needy I sounded, and that never ended well in the past.

Jason walked back around the bed, gripped my hair, and turned my head towards him, rolling the thin barrier down his shaft. “You think I’ll fit?” There was such a playful, sexy tone to his voice.

The taunt sent a shiver down my spine. I bit my lip. “Can’t wait to find out.”   

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